Joe's Jeans The Weekend in Beach

No matter where you live, I think it is safe to say that we are all over this year’s seemingly out-of-the-ordinary winter. We can finally feel the warm breath of the sun and our minds have danced to thoughts of spring. Joe’s Jeans wants to help us all along with the launch of their Weekend collection and what a better way to open up the season then to slip into a pair of Joe’s Jeans Weekend Denim in Beach.

It is important to understand the idea behind the Weekend collection from Joe’s before getting into the actual review. This excerpt from Joe’s Jeans helps to explain the ultimate inspiration behind the collection.

“Joe’s Weekend collection features lightweight bodies in relaxed fits inspired by the outdoors. The Weekend is a Perfect 5-Pocket pant in a slim fit featuring lightweight fabrics for effortless style with ultimate comfort. It’s a staple item for Spring/Summer and a must for any traveler or man of style. This is a warm weather denim alternative that you will want in every shade.”

So with this as our base, let’s see how the Joe’s Jeans Weekend Denim in Beach holds up.

The first thing I noticed about these jeans, of course, was the color and pattern. I can’t say that I ever really had a pair of white pants nor thought that I could pull the color off. My biggest worry is that I really like food, especially anything with barbecue sauce. Grilling and cookouts seem to be synonymous with spring and summer and where there are grills, there is typically barbecue sauce. Let’s just say it does not make for the best combination with white pants. So getting back to Joe’s Jeans Weekend Denim in Beach. The color is off white to slightly grey which works perfectly with the natural indigo stripes that shows throughout. The pattern is barely noticeable from far away but adds the right amount of flare when viewed at a closer distance. This subtle pattern makes it a great piece to wear with solid colored button down shirts, tee shirts or any summer attire while still allowing your personality to be on display. I love the Beach wash of the Weekend Collection, because you have a hard deep indigo contrast lining so when you cuff the bottom it is clearly noticeable. Again, I love small subtle surprises that separate different brands.

Now we move on to the fit. As you read earlier, the Weekend Collection is described as an easy slim fit type pant. I was a bit unsure on if easy fit meant a looser fit (similar to linen pants) or if they would be a slimmer style but more room in the seat and crotch. So as I tried on the Joe’s Jeans Weekend Denim in Beach I was very happy when the revealed themselves to be truer toward a slimmer fit. Actually I would go so far as to say that they are actually on the slim end of your normal slim straight spectrum. Where the “easy fit” truly pays off is how you move in these pants. The lightweight of the denim, 10 oz, combined with a bit of stretch and you can comfortable play in these jeans all summer long. Weather on the beach or at a summer picnic, these jeans hold up to the claim that they will give you an “effortless style with ultimate comfort”. During the summer it is always easy to throw on a pair of shorts with sandals and blame the heat for preventing you from wearing pants, no longer guys! The Joe’s Jeans Weekend Denim in Beach will keep you cool while still standing out from your shorted friends.

Bottom Line: The Joe’s Jeans Weekend Denim in Beach should definitely make it into your spring and summer rotation. I wouldn’t classify this as a pair of jeans you would wear to work, but then again, who works in the summer anyway! Joe’s has now given us guys a new way to wear lighter colored pants in the warmer months and not be too worried about those outdoor picnics or grills. Regarding size, I went true to size, which I would recommend for everyone for an easy slim comfortable fit.

Bring on the sun, bring on the warmth and bring on the beach. I am now equipped to stay cool and comfortable in my Joe’s.

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Joe's Jeans The Weekend in Beach

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