BLK DNM Stockholm Sweden

“Like a kid in a candy store”. Yes, this cliché has been used to death to describe any situation where a person is elated, overwhelmed and just simply happy over a given situation. However, I must use this phrase for lack of a better way to describe my level of excitement when I was invited to visit the BLK DNM Flagship store in Stockholm Sweden.

Once I crossed the threshold to my “Narnia”, I was faced with a row of clothing racks that lined each wall holding the purest leather and softest denim I have ever felt. The color palette before me held every shade of blue, and not only on the denim but on the supple leather jackets hanging on the end of every rack. I felt like I snuck behind the curtain during fashion week or into a secret world only known to buyers who get the first peak at the brand’s new line.

The layout is airy and minimalistic resembling that of a warehouse held within the city’s exotic underground tunnels. You get the feeling that this store could disappear in the blink of an eye and set up just as fast in a new location. Although the ceilings are set high, the perfect amount of light is cast on the few tables displaying the latest denim collection. The beauty of the store is the feeling you get upon searching the shelves. Exclusive yet attainable, sophisticated but not arrogant or pretentious, luxurious but gritty. There are definitely times I have walked into stores that have such a high-end reputation and feel intimidated. Afraid to even touch a shirt or jacket let alone try one on for fear of compromising the integrity with which the items are displayed. This was not the case with BLK DNM. I wanted to try on every jacket, every sweater and every pair of jeans without a moment’s hesitation. The store exudes a “worn-in” vibe much like the clothes contained within the walls.

The amazing staff further demonstrated the care and compassion which goes into making BLK DNM a brand to love. All of the staff, especially Catherine who I specifically met, took the time to explain how each style was meant to fit, how they wear over time to ensure I had the best fit possible and how the concept of BLK DNM is held in every item throughout the store. You won’t find rows of mannequins on the shop floor, instead the clothes speak for themselves and allow each person to draw inspiration and highlight their individual style. If I had to describe BLK DNM in a few words I would elect for “elegance with an attitude” or “sophistication with guts”.

For the BLK DNM men’s line, my focus of course, the jeans are offered in three styles named without any flare or overindulgence. Jeans 5 (slim straight fit), Jeans 25 (skinny fit) and Jeans 19 (slim relaxed fit). If you have checked out Denimology, you can find my past review on Jeans 5 which can hopefully help shed light on how they fit and can be styled. In addition, I will soon be posting my review of the newly released Jeans 19.

So if you are near one of the BLK DNM stores in New York, Paris or Stockholm, do yourself a favor and step inside a world of luxury.

Thank you BLK DNM!


BLK DNM Stockholm Sweden

Amazing staff at BLK DNM

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