Naomi Watts Rocks J Brand's Capri Jeans

Check out how Naomi Watts Rocks J Brand’s Capri Jeans. I love this outfit, Naomi! This is such a perfect example how you can wear your ripped jeans AND look classy and chic. Just the simple fact that Naomi had thrown on a loose fitting blazer makes such a difference. She has the proportion of super skinny jeans and oversized jacket absolutely right.

I see that skinny jeans with knee rips are really going to be huge for this coming season. They have been so right now for quite a while. This kind of style isn’t going anywhere so soon. Skinny jeans with some ripping at the knee, but otherwise pretty dark washed and no other destruction are THE summer skinny MUST HAVE jeans. And of course, trust J Brand to come out with just the perfect pair. The rips in the right place and the wash of these jeans is perfect.

These jeans are brand new and not available yet. But you can find a similar pair here.

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