Paige Spring/Summer 2014 Women's Lookbook

Look at the amazing Paige Spring/Summer 2014 Women’s Lookbook. Amazing for two reasons. First off, I see that Paige is becoming more and more a real lifestyle brand. Their new collection includes many denim as well as non-denim tops. Jackets, shirts and blouses and some really rad chambray shortalls. I was able to check out all their spring clothes the other day in Bloomie’s and was really impressed.

The second reason why I said before that the Paige looks are amazing, is because of their denim. Their white jeans, for example, are made of a heavier weight denim. This is basic, we don’t want our “stuff” to show when wearing white jeans. Unfortunately, such a basic requirement is not so clear for many brands. Most of the other white jeans I have seen so far, are made of a light weight denim. Transparency guaranteed. 🙁

As for Paige’s regular denim, their jeans are made mainly of 98% cotton and only 2% stretch. This makes them super soft, but without losing the “real denim” look.

Paige, you ROCK!

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