Selena Gomez in Black Orchid Overalls

Selena Gomez in Black Orchid Overalls and a cropped top looks so adorable! If she wouldn’t have this cute little baby face, I would even go so far as to say that she looks pretty sexy here! This shows how those overalls, so bad-mouthed by the guys, actually can make you look sexy LOL!

Overalls and harem pants are a big no-no for the guys apparently. I just recently read a poll about this. But here you can see clearly, that it all depends on how you pair your overalls. Worn with a cropped flower-print top and high stiletto sandals, yes! But of course, if you wear them with sneakers and a baggy old tee, no way.

These Black Orchid overalls are available here.

Enjoy the video!

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