I love that – Amber Heard is ripped in Paige! Paige, who once upon a time started rather demurely doing nice jeans for nice girls and look at this now! Paige went with the times and is straight on her way to be talking to the “bad” girls now as well!! What I want to say is that for a few seasons now, Paige has been ripping her jeans and well done! Always in good taste and always totally acceptable. But those Paige Jimmy Jimmy jeans are the ones outside of the box. They have come super ripped since last season and now we are even getting them TORN! I am delighted, Paige! These jeans are so perfect for a hot summer day when you don’t want to wear shorts.

Check out how cute Amber paired them with her black oxfords and a black blazer. This is totally balancing out the ripped and torn jeans. Great styling, Amber!

You can buy the Paige Jimmy Jimmy in Clifton destructed here.