Coachella Weekend 1 - Celebrity Looks

{Selena Gomez}

Coachella weekend 1 – Celebrity Looks – Celebrity Looks on Denimology. Check out what your fave celebs are wearing and how they’re styling their duds. Coachella is like one gigantic fashion show. “Le tout Hollywood” and LA and NYC, la creme de la creme is present in this huge runway show. It’s less about the music and whatever you can do and see and hear there. But it is all about to see and to be seen, ta-da! I love it, I can just imagine the atmosphere and all the good stuff that’s going on there! Enjoy some looks here with us @Denimology. More to come, stay tuned!

Coachella Weekend 1 - Celebrity Looks

{Kendall Jenner}

Coachella Weekend 1 - Celebrity Looks

{Katy Perry}

hilary duff

{Hilary Duff}

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