Cult Of Individuality - Ad Campaign Images

We love the Cult Of Individuality – ad campaign images. Ever since I can remember, I have associated denim with motorcycles. Maybe because I have seen just too many James Dean and Marlon Brando movies in my life LOL!

But Cult of Individuality couldn’t have chosen a better theme for their Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign. Cult exactly wants to reach out to the “bad” boy and “bad” girl! A lot of celebs have been spotted wearing Cult jeans, like Joe Jonas, Enrique Iglesias, and Josh Duhamel, just to mention a few.

Now, ladies, when are you gonna get on your very own bikes wearing your very own Cult’s? They do some insane women’s jeans, as well!

You can find some rad Women’s CoI jeans here and here and here.
For the bad boys, go here and here and here.

Cult Of Individuality - Ad Campaign Images

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