Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim in Dry denim

When I first pulled out my pair of Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim dry denim I immediately felt the difference in the Japanese raw threads. I felt like these jeans were taken right from the hands of a craftsman and placed directly in the box that was shipped to me. They were clean, fresh and new. The actual weight of the denim was heavier than my previous raw denim and the feel was extremely rigid. When I put the Cult jeans on I got nervous thinking about how I would be able to move comfortably throughout the day. The fit was slimmer than my previous raw pairs and combined with the rigidity, I was thinking it did not make for the best combination. Oh how wrong I was.

Give it just one day guys. That is all you need to transform this pair of jeans into one that you will be constantly reach for in the closet. I am going to be honest and say that you will get some “war wounds” during that first day but it will all pay off in the long run. The first day I wore the Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim dry denim I started to get a couple small abrasions on the backside of my knee and along my hips where the waistband sat. For me, this is all an acceptable part of the “breaking-in period”. What was amazing about these jeans came in the second day. As I put them on there was no more discomfort, no more of that rigidity and stiffness that made me worry the previous day. It was like someone came into my closet overnight and spent all night doing squats and lunges to help break them in faster. I couldn’t believe the amount of softness that developed after just one day of use. An additional benefit was that even on the second straight day of wear, I was not reminded of my initial marks on my knee and hips, I just felt comfort.

The Rocker Slim jeans are a great universal slim fitting jean. The fit feels great on the legs and ends with an opening large enough to sit over a pair of boots or high top casual sneakers. Let me take a quick minute to talk about the leg openings. For me when I think about raw denim it usually goes hand-in-hand with selvage. Selvage is basically a special way to finish off the stitching which is generally showcased by rolling up the bottom of the jeans. This is extremely common practice for dry denim. I bring this up because if the denim is not cut properly or tapered in the right way, when you roll the bottom you lose the intended silhouette and start looking like you’re wearing clown pants. The Cult Rocker Slim tapers perfectly at the bottom allowing for two quick rolls and still keeping the smooth slim lines. Also, the back pockets are a great depth and placed in a great position. I have a phone case that also holds a few of my important credit cards, so it is a bit longer than a traditional wallet, but there was no problem in fitting this case in the back pocket without it twisting and turning.

There was a sticker on the front of my Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim dry denim when I first got them stating you should go a size larger because these jeans will shrink. In my opinion, I would not take this advice and recommend you stay to your true size. I say this for two reasons; First, if I were to go a size larger, I would not be able to have a nice fit on these jeans without first washing them. Since they stretch very soon after you first put them on, a larger size would look sloppy and ill-fitting in all the wrong places. Second, the earliest I would even think about washing my dry denim is after six months worth of wear….and this is at least! Many times I would like to extend this to 9 or 12 months before having them touch water that is not rain. Due to this, if I went a size larger; I probably wouldn’t keep reaching for these on a daily basis and creating the fading marks I so desperately want. Even if they are “tighter” on your waist at first, the fit in the crotch stretches really well and gets roomier without looking “big”. The result, you can easily slip your hands in the front pockets to pull out your keys or phone without getting stuck.

Bottom Line: The Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim dry denim is a great heavier denim for enthusiasts and beginners alike. If you are looking for a slim fit jean that still gives you room to move, the Rocker Slim is the end of your quest. My recommendation is to stay true to your size so you can look great right away without be tempted to wash them too early. Wear them for everything and and don’t be afraid to get dirty. As Cult says, “ use denim as the canvas for personal style, for exploration and expression”.

I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone on my quest to create the perfect fade with the Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim dry denim. Check back for updates!

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Cult of Individuality Rocker Slim in Dry denim

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