The Diesel Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show this time took place in Venice.The home of carnival, canals, masks. Pleasure, leisure, the church, Casanova, the Biennale, the Venetian lion, the Rialto Bridge. The eccentric, the sophisticated and the tourist souvenir. What better place to host and inspire the first collection from Nicola Formichetti as Artistic Director of Diesel?

“This collection is a foundational collection. We are re-looking at our iconic pieces and the themes and spirit of Diesel; looking at what we essentially are and what we stand for, and then looking at where we are going to…”
Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director of Diesel

“This is a very special moment in the history of Diesel; 35 years of an alternative spirit, many successes and a lot of fun. Today I am enjoying the opportunity to marry the company’s heritage, my personal know-how and Nicola’s vision to create the future of the brand. With this collection and event we are setting the new starting point of where we are heading to.” Renzo Rosso, Founder of Diesel

(Please pardon our Italian English, but we thought it sounded so adorable and left it in its original text. Italian English is just so sexy and cute LOL!}

Diesel Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show Diesel Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show Diesel Fall/Winter 2014 Runway Show look_004_CSC_2358 look_005_CSC_2449 look_006__MRC4983 look_007__MRC5006