DL1961 - Emma Jeans in Ambush

I so love the DL1961 – Emma Jeans in Ambush, a beautiful camo print. Not being a great fan of printed jeans, I never wore them and I don’t think I ever will. But camo jeans have always had a special place in my closet. To me, they don’t really seem to be “printed” jeans.

Here is why these jeans would be great for summer and why you shouldn’t be afraid to wear denim in high temps!

Dlpro is made of wood fibers instead of cotton making them 50% more absorbent and ideal for warmer months. It is a superior product that uses less water, less waste and less dye. It is constructed with a blend of Dual-Flex and Promodal, which gives the garment an incredible feel, vivid color and sheen. (The Emma in Ambush is dlpro). Besides this, dlpro is antibacterial, eco-friendly, lightweight and has 98% retention (no other brand can say this). And most important: it is ideal for warmer months (keeps you cooler).

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate DL1961 for being voted the best denim brand of the year by the AAFA American Image Awards. There is going to be an amazing black tie event this coming week, where all the winners of this award will be honored at a huge charity event. AAFA this year has decided to sponsor the Special Olympics. More about this in a follow up post next week. I was invited by the DL peeps and will tell you all the juicy details! KUDOS to DL1961!! 🙂

You can buy the DL1961 Emma jeans in Ambush here.

DL1961 - Emma Jeans in Ambush