DL1961 - Must Have Shorts for Summer 2014

Let’s forget about this past horrible winter and check out the DL1961 – must have shorts for summer 2014. Shorts will be the absolute must-have “obligation” for this summer. Wake up from your winter hibernation, move on to the gym and tone your leggies!! You will need them VERY toned LOL!

DL1961 has some very cool shorts for us, and with their technologies and craftmanship in denim, we shall certainly have a very cool summer!

Check out the reason why I said “COOL” summer:

DLX is a fabric made using XFIT Lycra and cotton. This allows your jeans to stretch four ways, move 360 degrees and ensure that they never sag, bag or lose shape.

· Contours to body

· 98% retention

· Ideal for cooler months (cotton is warmer)

and there is more:

dlpro is made of wood fibers instead of cotton. It is a superior product that uses less water, less waste and less dye. It is constructed with a blend of Dual-Flex and Promodal, which gives the garment an incredible feel, vivid color and sheen.

· Antibacterial

· Eco-friendly

· Ideal for warmer months (keeps you cooler)

· Lightweight

· 98% retention (no other brand can say this)

So, what a more perfect way to wear your cool shorts this summer AND stay cool!

You can find the DL1961 shorts here and here.

DL1961 - Must Have Shorts for Summer 2014
DL1961 - Must Have Shorts for Summer 2014