Emily Blunt Rocks 3x1 Coated Jeans

Emily Blunt Rocks 3×1 coated jeans while stepping out for a routine health check-up at a medical building in Beverly Hills, Calif. Just one month after the birth of her daughter, Hazel, Emily has her great bod back – awesome!

Emily was wearing the 3×1 “W1” Wrap Zip Skinny jeans in black coated. The super idea of 3×1, doing some kind of paneling, always works for a great advantage. Paneling on the jeans makes your legs look slimmer and longer.

For these coated jeans, 3×1 has kept the coating only on the front part of the legs, and the sides and back of the jeans are black twill. I do prefer when my jeans are not all over coated because I think it gives them a more edgy look. 3×1 has been doing this paneling ever since they first started doing women’s denim and we never get tired of their new creations. I remember their very first pair of “paneled” jeans: they were a dark blue denim with white paneling inside the legs. Those jeans were just insane, they really made your legs look slim and long.

Oh and btw, this rad blue handbag she is carrying – it’s a Max Mara bag!

You can buy 3×1 jeans here.
And if you love the the Max Mara handbags, you can find them here.

Emily Blunt Rocks 3x1 Coated Jeans