Introducing - Jackie Guerrido Jeans

We are happy to be introducing – Jackie Guerrido Jeans here @Denimology. I always love when I come across a new brand that goes beyond your regular blue jeans and offers us some kind of “newness”.

Here is what they tell us about their brand:

“Whatever your shape, size and sense of style, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be wearing jeans. It can be a challenge to find a pair of jeans that will help accentuate our body problems. If you are lacking curves in the derriere wearing ill-fitted jeans can leave a sagging gap in the back area of your pants. You need to find jeans that will lift and fill out your backside. You want to find jeans that will accentuate the curves you do have, and give the illusion that your derriere has more definition. Choose JACKIE G JEANS, they will give you that perfect fit.
These great jeans with lots of details on their back pockets are a very good choice. They will call more attention to your flat derrière and make it look curvy.”

We will have a review of these jeans coming up, so stay tuned!

You can find your very own pair of Jackie Guerrido jeans here.

Introducing - Jackie Guerrido Jeans


Introducing - Jackie Guerrido Jeans

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