Time to introduce a new brand to Denimology that I think everyone can appreciate, RPM West. RPM West is a new denim brand made in the USA, based in California and has a simple straightforward mission statement, “Perfect Jeans Delivered”.

RPM West was started by Manuel Rappard about one year ago, although he has been making denim for a lot longer. Manuel always seemed to have a passion for denim that started when he begged his mom as a kid to buy him his first pair of Diesel jeans. That sparked Manuel’s desire and admiration for denim and for the fashion industry. However, he always wanted to add his own personal touch to denim and bring something new and attainable to the market. Fastforward a bit and we can start to paint the picture of how RPM West wants to revolutionize how consumers and a brand can come together. Giving everyone the chance to own a pair of raw denim without going broke, what a concept!

When I talk about a new approach to customer interaction, RPM West is a shining example of how to do it right. For starters, there is no “middle man”. RPM West sells direct. As a result, each pair is much more affordable than many “branded” pairs of raw denim on the market today. What price do you ask? Try $95.00 USD! Yep, no typo here. To sweeten the pot even more, RPM West introduced the concept of “Home Try-On”. They will send you three pairs of denim, you try them on at home, choose the one you like the best and ship back the others. Lastly, RPM West is very active on social media and wants to get feedback on how to stay innovative and give the consumers what they want.

RPM stands for Raw Progressive Menswear. That is the mission and philosophy behind every pair of jeans that is crafted by Manuel.  Raw speaks to the overall DNA of the brand. A brand that does not want to overstretch marketing but bring an energy and life into the products that can evolve over time. A brand that can be shaped and driven by the customers and the people who truly love, wear and appreciate denim. As a result of this thinking, I can also see how the progressive part of the name comes into play. Not only progressive in the vision but also progressive in introducing premium Japanese selvage denim direct to the market at that insane price point of $95.00 USD! It is worth repeating, RPM West jeans are made with high quality Japanese selvage fabrics and cuts out any middle man by going directly to the customers. This is a concept that has worked out exceptionally well for RPM West through a Kickstarter campaign that resulted in a backer within 3 mins of going live. After 36 hours RPM West was able to not only reach their initial goal, but even surpass their stretch goal on the site.

On Tuesday April 21, RPM West will be launching a second Kickstarter campaign. This time around 5 different new fabrics will be introduced, including the same exact Japanese selvage denim used by A.P.C. The fabrics will run from a 13 ounce light gray to a 15 ounce rarely used indigo denim. If this is the first time you are hearing about RPM West, I would highly recommend cruising on over to their Kickstarter campaign and reading more about what they have to offer. You can also check back on Denimology soon to read a review of the Slim Straight style by yours truly.

Remember Tuesday April 21 will be the launch date for the second Kickstarter campaign. If the first try was any indication, you should be there and be there early.

Good luck RPM West, I am sure we will be hearing much more from you.



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