Tiger of Sweden

I first fell in love with Tiger of Sweden for their tailored men’s wear. The suits are incredible, cut to perfection and Tiger’s knitwear showcases great prints that can add a little life into your wardrobe while still being muted enough for a typical workplace. So imagine my excitement when I discovered that Tiger of Sweden actually launched a denim line, Tiger of Sweden Jeans!

To start a brand it takes innovation and boldness, to maintain your brand it takes business acumen and to reinvent a brand it takes guts. This is the story of Tiger of Sweden and what lent to creating their motto:  “A Different Cut”. A Different Cut not only refers to how the products are created but refers to one’s state of mind – the way you live your life. Don’t follow the norm; stay true to yourself and take risks. Tiger of Sweden has been around for over 100 years, first started in 1903, but has redefined itself in 1993 and is constantly on an evolving path to stay a long-standing brand for fashion conscious consumers.

As you can imagine from a brand that has been around for over 100 years, there is a lot of history behind the clothing. Tiger of Sweden discovered prosperity, fell on hard times and then had the opportunity to take a risk and change how men dressed for the better. The concept was simple and one that paid off extremely well for Tiger of Sweden, “take the suit out of the bank and into the street”. Tiger wanted to make clothes that “worked from the time you went to work in the morning until you left the last bar to go home and sleep”. Even today the tailored line follows this mission and presents clothing that is simple, clean, minimalist and luxurious.

It wasn’t until rather recently that Tiger launched the “brand” Tiger of Sweden Jeans. The idea is to take such a classic fashion staple and breathe new life into it through “A Different Cut” philosophy – create a contemporary jeans collection that had the same attitude and simplicity as the tailored line. In order to put this philosophy to the test, I will soon be reviewing the Sharp jeans from Tiger of Sweden Jeans and I couldn’t be more excited. So check back on Denimology often and read my upcoming review and my opinion on how they stack up to the competition.

Tiger is available in stores and on the web for 18 countries today. Sadly for everyone stateside,Tiger of Sweden is not yet available in the good ‘ol U.S.of A. However, the brand has always been aggressive and I am confident they will be able to take their “Different Cut” way of life, and make their mark on a complete world stage. Silver lining, they are available in select parts of Canada so at least they are on the same continent!

Welcome to Denimology Tiger of Sweden!


Tiger of Sweden

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