J Brand Photo Ready Maria in Impression - Front View 2

Hola denim world, Lana here again with a truly fabulous J Brand Photo Ready Maria in Impression review! Wintertime is usually considered prime season for skinny jeans due to the ease of tucking them into boots or wearing them like leggings under warm, tunic sweaters, but summer time is coming up and we all know what that means…bikini season! We all like to look good in the warmer months, not just for the beach, but for the multitude of trips and vacations and thus…all of the photos that are bound to be taken! Because of this, it’s not just our bikinis we want to look good in…we want to be “photo ready” in our skinny jeans, too!

J Brand is no stranger in the denim world. Born in 2004 by Jeff Rudes, J Brand quickly became a celebrity favorite, known for its timeless, neutral back pockets and streamlined, well-fitting styles. Rudes created his new brand “with a vision to create a jean that fit so perfectly it would follow the contours of the body.” I have a few jeans from J Brand in my collection already, two being the now-discontinued “The Deal” Pencil Leg and one being a straight leg style. They were all great jeans, but seemed all over the place in terms of sizing and amount of stretch, or just didn’t fit my athletic body type as well as I would have liked them to. I knew their Lovestory high-waisted flare was meant to fit a curvier body shape, but I had my hopes set on a well-fitting skinny and didn’t want to just be limited to one specific style. It was my assumption that J Brand was simply meant primarily for those with model-thin body types. When J Brand came up as a brand to review for Denimology, I was curious to change my mind about the brand, as I still couldn’t quite get over them, and asked for any curvy-specific styles. It was then that I discovered J Brand’s new line of Photo Ready jeans, which included a high-rise skinny style called the Maria. The J Brand Photo Ready Maria in Impression is the subject of this review, and I went with a size 26, knowing that my past J Brand styles varied between 26 and 27 and I knew these jeans were meant to streeeeeeettttchhhh!

J Brand Photo Ready Maria in Impression - Back Angle View

I love my exercise as much as I love eating, breathing and sleeping…but even us gym rats like to be tucked or squeezed in from time to time! J Brand’s Photo Ready styles were brand new mid-last year, and meant to hold you in so well that you’ll look “photo ready,” no matter what! They currently come in skinny and skinny crop styles, so they hug and streamline you all the way down. The Maria is a nice, soft 11.75oz blend of 92.5% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 2.5% Lycra, so they have plenty of stretch! When these first came to my door, I was wondering if I should have gone with a size 27 because they look so tiny! However, it is incredible how much they give when you squeeze into them, almost like how a compound bow suddenly gives easily once you pull the arrow past the breaking point. They are pretty tight, and the heavier denim really holds you in, but that’s the point, and they aren’t uncomfortably tight. The 9” high rise holds everything in so well, but that was the only slightly uncomfortable part for me, at least at first…the front of the jean was so tight on my lower stomach for awhile, but as I wore them for just a couple of days, it loosened up a bit without losing its amazing retention and stretch capabilities. After three days, it felt great! These jeans have a 30” inseam so they look incredible with heels, as they make my legs look long and lean, especially with that beautiful dark wash! There is slight fading in just the right areas so it doesn’t look flat, and combined with the slimming technology of these jeans, it looks pretty awesome. What’s funny, is once I take them off (take that, peel them off), they snap back to what they looked like when I first got them! It’s amazing how much they give. I would imagine, because of that, that they will fit just about any body shape. It appears J Brand styles are more versatile now, and meant to fit whatever shape you might have.

I’ve worn these primarily to spice up a dressy look, as they look way too sophisticated to wear in a casual manner, at least to me. Like other J Brand styles, they are minimal with no embellishments or brand logos, so they are incredibly versatile and classy. Because they are so super-skin tight, I like them with longer, tunic-like tops (I always like balancing it out). I’ve worn them with boots or with heels…I feel they are just too nice to wear with sandals since they have the leg-lengthening effect (might as well polish that off with heels!). My impression of J Brand has changed with this J Brand Photo Ready Maria in Impression review, and I look forward to revisiting this brand again in the future. These jeans run a nice $189 (or into the 200s with some retailers), but this is a real investment that will keep you looking incredible for a long, long time as a for-sure go-to closet staple, and the quality is second to none.

These jeans can be purchased here!

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