Jackie Guerrido Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue - Front View

Hello everyone, today I’m bringing you a Jackie Guerrido Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue review! Denimology is also featuring a giveaway from this brand this month! With the prime season for outdoor activities just around the corner, many of us may have plans to take full advantage of the next few months with the slew of music festivals, camp outs, road trips and other events that come along with them, which can quickly rack up quite the hole in one’s wallet…especially since summer is THE season for showing off our hard-earned assets in clothing that’s made for it! You should feel confident that you can look amazing all season long with great fitting, flattering jeans with a price point that won’t keep you home while your friends are out shakin’ it on the grass under the Sahara tent, posting photos on Instagram that scream “Wish you were here!”

Jackie Guerrido promises a great fit that defines your derriere without the dreaded gap in the back. This Anaheim, California brand offers a short but sweet collection of skinny jeans ranging from colored to basic to distressed to embellished. When I was given the chance to review this brand, I was given a dark blue, rinsed-looking pair. Jackie Guerrido sizing is a little different than most—Instead of the usual 2, 4, 6, 8, or 24, 25, 26 or 27, their sizing is broken down into 0-1, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-20. The sizing waist-wise is pretty much right on, but I’m smack dab in the middle of the first two options, being a size 2/26! The brand sent me both the 0-1 (24”-25” waist, 34”-35” hips) and the 3-4 (26”-27” waist, 37”38” hips) to try. My hips measure between 35” and 36”, but the 3-4 size fit me the best. So, if you are between two sizes, take the larger size! There isn’t a whole lot of stretch to these, being 97% cotton and 3” stretch, and the fabric is on the thicker side. It’s not as soft as some of the stretchier jeans I’ve reviewed but it certainly feels very durable and I feel these jeans would hold up for quite some time. They have a lower rise which isn’t listed on their site (I’d guess 6.5” or 7” front rise) but despite this lower rise, the fit really is great! I love the feel of lower rise jeans that stay put without a belt! With my curvier shape, I usually prefer mid to high rise jeans. True to the brand’s claim, they certainly do fit very well around my bum, and they haven’t stretched out really that much at all and do not gap in the back.

Jackie Guerrido Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue - Back Angle View

The Jackie Guerrido Skinny Jeans in Dark Blue are a basic jean with no back pocket embellishments, but they do have a rhinestone-encrusted front button and sparkly rivets. The only downside to this is it was a little hard at first to button them up because of the rhinestones and the shape of the front button (it has a flowery shape rather than being round and smooth). But it’s definitely a cute accent! The rhinestones on the rivets are subtle enough that they give a tiny sparkle when the sun hits them just right as you strut down the street. I’d say these can be dressed up or dressed down, with heels or without…the neutral look and tiny hints of sparkle would look great with any outfit, whether on the street, out to dinner, or at a concert. With a lower price of $58, these are great jeans for the value for those who aren’t quite sure about the denim industry’s more pricey counterparts!

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