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There are many reasons why I love Denimology. One of the main reason is that every now and then I am introduced to a brand that I previously did not know about. When this happens I tend to get over excited because I am able to enter a review with no preconceived expectations on the brand. Starting with a “clean slate” so-to-speak. Which brings me to Jacob Davis. If I am going to be honest, I didn’t know anything about Jacob Davis before I was given the chance to review the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans. Just as fast as I fastened the last button, they became one of my favorite pairs of jeans and brand.

I had the opportunity to review two different washes in the same fit, the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans in Raw Selvage and the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans in Hawkins. The most important aspect when I look for jeans is of course the fit. However, I believe the wash contributes a great deal to the overall satisfaction once you get them home and into your everyday life. The wash is what will typically first draws your eye to that perfect pair. Let’s face it, it can make or break a great fitting pair of jeans. If the wash is too “produced” or artificial the jeans can quickly find themselves moving toward the abyss that is the back of my closet.  For this review, I will start by looking at the fit and then move on to understand how the different washes impact the overall feel of the Rider Skinny fit.

The fit. The Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans are made from Japanese red selvage denim, the “red” part simply referring to the color of the selvage thread. Japanese selvage is commonly referred to as the premier fabric in the denim world and has a long history and tradition behind it’s manufacturing and dyeing process. Perhaps the details of this can be covered in a later post, so as to not fall too far down the rabbit hole. The important aspect to know is that many enthusiasts see selvage as a symbol of quality and stability. The primary factor being that the denim is made on smaller looms resulting in a tighter weave and cleaner stitching. Staying true to the purist thinking, Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans are not manufactured with stretch denim but 100% pure cotton. To me this also means that the fit will not be as forgiving and the craftsmanship of each pair must be spot-on. To put in simply, Jacob Davis shines in making skinny jeans without any stretch and still be extremely comfortable.

The waist fits true to size, I went with my typical 32 waist, and does not squeeze your sides or hips. Despite being skinny jeans with a snug fit, I didn’t have to worry about the “muffin top” effect. There was still plenty of room to tuck in a shirt without sucking in my gut or first doing a few squat thrusts to loosen them up. The skinny fit continues the entire length of the leg and ends with a perfect 15 ½” opening. The beauty of the construction is that you are able to keep the longer inseam, 34 inches standard, and have them stack up perfectly around the ankle. You can achieve that intentional cool look instead of the sloppy forced vibe. Regardless of wash, the fit was a true skinny jean. The raw denim was a tad bit looser all around but not noticeably bigger where you can’t call it a skinny jean anymore. The slightly looser fit of the raw also means that you can achieve a perfect “made-for-you” fit after your first wash.

Now it is time to move on to the washes. The Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans in Hawkins are definitely my favorite of the two washes. That is not to discount the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans in Raw Selvage of course. What makes me fall in love with the Hawkins is the small details that are executed to perfection, from the perfect amount of fraying at the front pocket to the whiskering around the front crotch panel. Everything seemingly handled with the lightest touch. The Hawkins wash would be a great way to add a bit of unexpected style into your wardrobe while looking effortlessly cool when paired with anything in your wardrobe. I have personally dressed up these jeans with a shirt and tie during the week as well as paired them with my trusted Vans to run around the city on the weekends. Many of my jeans at the moment are darker (just take a look at my last few reviews) which made reviewing the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans in Hawkins a welcome and refreshing change.

The raw “wash” allows you to have a dark jean that can be worn for any occasion. All the details are still there; the guitar pick shaped leather detail on the back pocket, the self labeled hardware along the top of the coin pocket, the slightly tanned leather patch along the back waistband and the antique copper buttons paying homage to Jacob Davis himself. Meaning, you don’t miss any of the small touches that make Jacob Davis unique. Sometimes raw denim and skinny jeans just don’t create a happy marriage. The fabric sits so close to your skin that it can cause irritation, itchiness and just all around unpleasantness. I assure you, you will experience none of these feelings with the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans in Raw Selvage. It does feel like there is some stretch to the fabric and it actually retains the shape fairly well throughout the day. The knees stretch out slightly but not enough to comprise the original silhouette. Meaning these can absolutely keep you looking great from day to night.

Bottom Line: If you are in the market for a pair of skinny jeans but are afraid the stretch denim may be too “flimsy” to hold up to your everyday life, I would highly recommend the Jacob Davis Rider Skinny jeans. Choose from any of the washes for a softer broken in feel right off the rack or go for the raw to create a unique wash all your own. Don’t stress too much about the size and stay true as you would a standard pair of cotton denim. In my mind, the great fit let’s you get away with wearing a washed or distressed pair to work without feeling self conscious about looking too casual.

In closing, hello Jacob Davis, nice to meet you…….you are now my best friend!

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Jacob Davis Rider Skinny Raw Selvage

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