January Jones in STRÖM Jeans

Spotted at JFK, January Jones in STRÖM Jeans. The reason I wanted to post this picture is that you are looking at some real selvedge jeans here. I know that everybody has the image of selvedge being dark and rigid. Not so, STRÖM is one of the few brands that do a selvedge just like any “regular” pair of jeans. These jeans are washed and ripped and super super soft. I know that for a fact, as I have been able to check these out myself. The feel of these jeans is just like any stretch jeans, smooth and clinging to your curves. And January Jones in STRÖM Jeans looks amazing. Seems that these jeans were custom made for her!

You have to check out the STRÖM brand jeans by all means and you will be surprised. Not only do they have those skinnies, but boyfriend and slouchy boy jeans as well. All made of selvedge denim and incredibly soft and pleasant on the skin.

You can find the STRÖM brand jeans here.