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Joe’s Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty Review

Joe’s Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty Review
Joe's Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty Full Front
 There’s no denying that jumpsuits are all the rage right now and when I first set my eyes on this Joe’s Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty my heart sang. It’s the best of both worlds! An effortless chic jumpsuit in denim form. Just genius, I tell ya. Joe’s Jeans spring styles are all so amazing right now. Joe’s is so good at designing pieces that are on-trend and chic, but in an understated “girl nextdoor” kind of way. This jumpsuit is that piece in your closet that you can dress up or down, and wear from season to season.
This style is 100% cotton, but don’t worry no stretch is needed. I typically wear a size 26 or 27 in denim (depending on the style and/or brand). I’m wearing a size small in this style, which is supposed to be a size 6. I wear a size 4 in dresses, so I was a little surprised that the size small (6) fit as well as it did. I’m glad I went with a small (6) versus an x-small (4) though. In looking at the photos of the models on the Joe’s Jeans, Revolve Clothing, and Nordstrom, the look is more relaxed. I have wide hips and a bit of a booty on me, so the size small definitely looked more snug than relaxed on me. However, I really prefer a more snug fit versus super relaxed. I thought it was snug enough that I didn’t feel constricted or uncomfortable, and relaxed enough that it didn’t give off an unflattering look. If you’re unsure of what size you would need, no need to fret because Joe’s Jeans has a button called “True Fit” where you can calculate which size would be best for you and how it will fit every area of your body (snug or loose). Pretty cool.
The denim is definitely thick, but still surprisingly light weight. I definitely think this is something you can wear into the summer months, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing this out in the sun all day. I do prefer a thicker denim though, because it really goes to show the quality and I know I’ll have this jumpsuit forever. I’ve been wearing jumpsuits for years, so I really don’t care if it won’t be trendy in a year or so. I also know this jumpsuit will look just as great paired with a blazer or kimono if I want to polish it up even more, or wear into the chillier months.
The inseam is 28″, which I feel is perfect. I chose to roll the pants up at the ankles for a more refined look, but if I were wearing flats I would most likely wear the ankles rolled down for a more relaxed, casual vibe. When the pants are rolled down they hit right at the ankles which still gives off a pulled-together, non-sloppy look.
I really felt that the wash looked darker on Joe’s Jeans’ website versus how it looks in person. It definitely looks more like a slightly faded blue versus a deep indigo blue. Joe’s Jeans actually refers to this as “70’s blue”. I’m all about the 70’s era, and I would have to agree that this jumpsuit does have a vintage vibe to it (which I love because I’m vintage obsessed).
Overall I would say I’m quite obsessed with this Joe’s Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty. As I said above, jumpsuits are a hot trend for spring and, much like the overall, the look is quite versatile. Not to mention, comfortable and super easy to style. I love how this jumpsuit has adjustable spaghetti straps and a drawstring waistband to really give the wearer control of the look and fit. As I said above, I feel this is a piece I will have in my closet for years to come and I just know I’ll be reaching for it year round. Oh, and if you’re a mom this is definitely a piece you need to invest in. Throw on some flats for running errands or playdates at the park, then later throw on a blazer and heels for drinks with your girls. It’s a no brainer. Oh and P.S.  I think this style may be the solution to those scaredy cats out there that haven’t jumped on the overall trend just yet.
*You can purchase the Joe’s Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty from: Joe’s Jeans, Revolve Clothing, or Nordstrom
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sandals: DV by Dolce Vita x Vanessa Mooney (buy HERE) // sunglasses: Saint Laurent // necklace: HoH1960 c/o The Jeweler’s Wife // bracelets: Blessings In Disguise // ring: Samantha Wills c/o
Joe's Jeans Spaghetti Jumpsuit in Letty Full Back
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