JOE’S JEANS Spotless Collection

White is without a doubt the ultimate color for Spring and Summer! Its clean brightness is perfect as it brings out the lively spirit of those seasons. While I love wearing white it does have the annoying downside of getting dirty easily and in the case of a clumsy accident with coffee or wine the garment can be completely ruined. Luckily JOE’S JEANS has a new solution for all of those troublesome situations called their Spotless Collection.

This 6-piece collection (skirt, shorts, Bermudas and 3 styles of pants) features fabric with an innovative wash that is water resistant and stain repellent. Liquids like soda, coffee or even oil won’t stain them –you can simply wipe the spill off with a cloth! And though some liquids may leave minor marks those spots will come off easily after wash. While things like lip gloss, nail polish and paint remain dangerous even for this fabric it still sounds pretty magical! Another good thing is that it doesn’t require any special care; regular machine wash (you have about 20 washes before the stain repellent qualities fade away) and low heat tumble dry are recommended.

The JOE’S JEANS Spotless Collection is definitely a breakthrough in the clothing industry! I can only hope that someday all of our clothes will be like this 🙂

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I am the EU contributor and product reviewer for Denimology. From the time I was 5 years old browsing through my first fashion magazine I knew I wanted to be in this industry. While working as a Merchandiser at Gloria Jeans, the largest denim manufacturer and retailer in Russia, I discovered my passion for denim. It fascinated me then and years later it fascinates me even more. Every day I learn and discover something new and exciting about denim and am thrilled to do it hand in hand with all of you!


  1. Wow, this is incredible technology. I just bought a new pair of white jeans last summer so don’t really *need* another, but I just might fall for this.

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