Katie Holmes in Balmain Jeans

Katie Holmes in Balmain jeans was snapped while heading to the set of her new television pilot “Dangerous Liaisons” in New York City. These are the Pierre Balmain leopard print jeans. I love denim prints + ripped + distressed! The print of these jeans was done with a laser and they were intentionally ripped and distressed.

Besides the regular 5 pockets, these jeans feature an extra 2 slit pockets below, which makes them quite interesting.

I am not at all a fan of printed jeans in those bright and shrill prints. But I do love jeans that are made of “printed denim”. Like these Balmain’s laser prints – a perfect example of a cool pair of jeans that really look different.

You can find the Balmain leopard print jeans on sale jeans here.

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