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Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White Review

Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White Review

Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White - Front View

Hi denim heads, Lana here, featuring a great pair of jeans for spring from a brand I’ve known about for awhile, and have looked forward to checking out for quite some time! I am excited to bring you a Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White review! Spring and summer months often bring lighter colors to your wardrobe, and denim is rarely an exception. Most people, including me, are terrified of whiter denim, despite how amazing it looks…it’s often notoriously see-through (and I always worry about getting it dirty!). However, when Marc Allison contacted me to review their new Gina Slim Boot, I chose the white style because of this fear…I was ready to take the plunge and find a great pair that could break the negative expectations that many have and try out something new. I have to say, these are pretty great!

Marc Allison was founded in 2009 by Marc Flashberg and his wife Allison in Los Angeles. Flashberg brought his 30+ years of experience working with other top premium labels to his new brand and created an amazing line of great fitting jeans that infuse X-Fit stretch with Supima cotton. I remember these jeans quickly became a celebrity favorite because of this “T400” technology (which he developed with Invista, a global producer of polymer and fibers, to create a yarn that stretched both in length and width) that offers four-way stretch with excellent comfort and recovery that moves with the body like not many others I’ve tried. When the Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White arrived at my door, I noticed how sooooooft the Supima cotton made them (the fabric blend is 73% supima cotton 27% elestrell-p X-Fit)! When I was in touch with the brand, they advised me that most women will size up in the white jeans because of how well they hug the body, but I went with my usual size of 26 since I often can size down to a 25 in really stretchy jeans. I’m glad I did—the 26 was a perfect fit…tight but not constricting and with a few hours of wear they loosened up just a tad so they sat on me just right. I’d say if you are on the side between a 26 and 27, go with the 27. I’ve worn them many times and haven’t had any problem with bagging or stretching out and I never have to hike them up. With an 8.25” front rise and 13.25” back rise, they fit amazingly around my bum. The 34.5” inseam and 16” leg opening make them perfect to wear over heels! My usual flat inseam length is 32” or 33”, but I’d definitely prefer these longer since white is often less slimming on my figure than darker washes. These jeans come with minimal detailing, with only the Marc Allison logo embroidered on the top of the right pocket in the same color as the denim, and I love that there are no side pockets so I don’t have to tuck anything in every time I pull them up. As far as the common issue of transparency with white jeans goes…this is a non-issue with these! The Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White has a thicker fabric, so wear whatever bright, bold or patterned underwear suits your fancy with confidence.

Marc Allison Gina Mid Rise Slim Boot in White - Side View 2

I am so excited this brand came back into my life after eyeing them for so long…I can definitely see why I heard so much about these jeans when they first came out! I definitely want to try them again in some of their pretty blue washes. It’s amazing how many jean brands out there are now embracing the simple desire women have for jeans that fit well without stretching out, and Marc Allison had it down pat years ago, before most brands of today even tried. I can see them standing the test of time for many, many more years, especially because of how easy it is to dress them up and wear them with a variety of outfits—I personally love contrast, so these looked great with a black top, black leather jacket, and the same leopard booties I wore in the photos here for a pop of texture, and I loved the bronze top shown in these photos to add some sheen with the more matte look of these jeans! These are a total win in my book and they will definitely get a lot more use.

The Marc Allison Mid Rise Slim Boot in White can be purchased here!

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