Selena Gomez Rocks her Cropped off Levi's Jacket

Selena Gomez rocks her cropped off Levi’s Jacket over a super high waisted pair of jeans. She puts a stylish spin on those jeans and Levi’s crop top with a $1,500 Emilio Pucci bag during a coffee run.

Selena was outfitted in those sleek jeans that she matched with a short black crop top, but it was the appealingly orange designer handbag that beat out everything else. Ok, I would love to deny it, but it’s so true! This bag is like so overpowering LOL! And wait, Selena’s amazing ensemble didn’t end there, for on her feet were a lacy pair of black open-toe booties with stiletto heels.

I don’t know which brand these jeans are, but I would bet those might just be the JBrand Alana Crop Stocking jeans – any hints?

You can buy your Levi’s Trucker Jacket here. But you will need to crop it off at the waist to achieve Selena’s look.

If you feel like splurging, you can purchase the EMILIO PUCCI Embossed Suede Tote in Red/Black here.

Selena Gomez Rocks her Cropped off Levi's Jacket

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