Siwy - hot Shorts for Summer

Siwy – hot shorts for summer – some more reasons to look forward to summer! As you could already “preview” in Coachella, it’s going to be all about shorts this summer.

Absolutely a MUST for us @Denimology to include LA brand SIWY. Their jeans already are some of the most sexy and cutest ones around. And with their super embossed back pockets that make our bums look AWE-some, and then some LOL, there is no way not to include their shorts here! As you can see, these come with those amazing back pockets as well. And the other day, one of our product reviewers actually kind of felt embarrassed to review the SIWY daisy dukes, believe it or not! I am mentioning this because I know that there are hordes of eager ladies out there just waiting for the SUPER daisy duke! Hello Mileys, hello Rihannas!

You can find all the shorts your heart desires and your men demand here.

Siwy -Hot Shorts for Summer
Siwy - Hot Shorts for Summer

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