THVM - Spring/Summer 2014 Men's Lookbook

The THVM – Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Lookbook is predominantly based on grey and khaki colored jeans. Of course, there is black and blue in different washes, as well. What I would like to point out is that THVM is aimed to the laid back edgy guy that does not want to make a statement with his jeans. But HE, the guy, IS a statement. I like the clean washes of the jeans, and the styles that are not too exaggerated: skinny or baggy. Their fit is modern, slouchier and comfy. What more can you ask for when it comes to your denim?!

About THVM:

“THVM, stands for This Here Very Moment, was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2009.
THVM is a collective of creative minded people dedicated to designing and producing quality premium denim at an affordable price. THVM’s principles are based in the collaboration and relationship with multidisciplinary arts. The brand’s aesthetic aim is to create sophisticated and refined designs, while being accessible to a wide audience. Simplicity is the core of the basics collection, allowing an individual to express their style and personality without the interference of over embellishment.”

THVM - Spring/Summer 2014 Men's Lookbook

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You can find THVM jeans here.