Triarchy - 40's Denim for Men

The Triarchy – 40’s Denim for Men is their new “40’s” Denim. They call it 40’s denim because it looks and feels like denim from the 1940’s – Super Vintage. But it’s made with an incredible hand and stretch.

When the Triarchy peeps showed me a pair of these jeans, I was stoked. It was extremely soft, looked like authentic vintage jeans and the best part – it is a heavier weight denim with no frills or gimmicks. It is a pair of “denim” jeans. A staple that every guy who loves denim should absolutely have in his closet.

Here is what Adam and his sister Ania, creators and founders of Triarchy (there is a 3rd brother as well!) told me about these jeans:

“For the men’s collection what inspires us again is form and function. We re-created a 1940’s style denim but injected it with stretch. What this means is that the jeans look like they’re old and stiff but they feel almost like you’re wearing sweatpants. It’s an amazing development regardless of whether you ride or not, however if you do ride you can keep them on all day while maintaining fit and comfort. We also gave these bad boys a vintage treatment with thread and wash color.

We love this denim so much it’s becoming our new staple for men with new washes coming next season as well!”

Triarchy - 40's Denim for Men