Avril Lavigne in John John Denim

Avril Lavigne in John John Denim makes me remember my former home country and the beautiful denim there. John John is a brand in Sao Paulo that has become THE fashion brand in Brazil. Very exclusive, very expensive and very like “show off” if you can afford it! 😉

The Canadian songstress walked the red carpet for the new John John store in Sao Paulo, Brazil just before her concert.

She wore a black and gold John John tank for the event, distressed blue jeans, and black strappy sandals with a hint of sparkle. All of these are available online and in the John John stores. Unfortunately, their awesome jeans are not (yet?!) available here in the US or in Europe. But I am sure they will be soon.

On a side note: the Brazilian denim is really awesome. It resembles the Italian and Turkish denim a lot in terms of consistence and weight. When I used to live in Brazil, there was never a question for me about the quality and the finishing of the denim there. And, as far as I know, they are still top grade. I so wish we could see more of the Brazilian jeans here, SIGH.

Avril Lavigne in John John Denim


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