Bluer Denim Chambray Shirt Review  - Front Angle View

With the warmer weather now hitting us, I like to put away my jackets and hoodies and use something lighter when I feel I need a little more coverage – shirts! Chambray shirts offer a fun casual look with a hint of sophistication to me, and I feel they warrant “staple” status in your closet! Today I’ll be diverting away from jeans yet again, with a Bluer Denim Chambray Shirt Review!

Bluer, holds a higher standard to quality, authenticity and good old American innovation. The company proudly produces all products in the United States, from growing the cotton in Georgia, weaving the textiles in North Carolina, designing the garments themselves in Portland, Oregon, and handcrafting the final product in Los Angeles. They also offer a home-try on option for jeans which allows a shopper to choose up to three pairs to be shipped for free both ways to the person’s home to try them on. The shopper can then ship the unwanted jeans back, and they are only charged for the one they keep! Bluer also shows they care about humanitarian and sustainability efforts with their “buy one, give one” program. When you purchase a new pair of jeans, Bluer provides a return label to ship back an old pair to them, then they will give you $5 for to use on a future purchase. All jeans sent to them are sanitized and donated to someone in need, with a goal of giving away 1,000 jeans by the end of 2014!

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But enough about jeans…this is about Bluer‘s awesome chambray shirts! Bluer sent this shirt to me along with the Bluer Slim Skinny High Rise in Soulmate Medium jeans. It is made in Los Angeles with Japanese chambray dyed with real indigo dye. I love the light color complimented with contrasting white buttons and stitching! The light fabric is nice and soft against the skin but it feels very durable, and it’s tailored well without being too tight and formfitting at my usual size of small – I have a chambray shirt from Old Navy in small which I dig, but it’s more loose fitting and I like my shirts more fitted! I usually wear my shirts with the sleeves rolled up and the cuffs are small enough to do that with this shirt although I have to roll them up tightly so the corners of the sleeve don’t stick out. The shirt itself is just the right length too, so it’s not so long that if I decided to tuck it in it wouldn’t leave bulk, and it’s not so short that I’d need to wear it with a high rise jean for more coverage when it gets chilly.

I am a big fan of dark denim, so the light color of this shirt makes it easy to pair with just about any outfit! I even dared to wear it tied around my hips when it got a little warm at our local farmer’s market the other day, and I actually thought it looked cool and laid back rather than dorky. I like it over a tight fitting tank top, either buttoned with the two middle buttons only or left open, with some tight dark skinny jeans. One other thing I like is they offer a slight Western-inspired look, which I haven’t seen in chambray shirts before. Just another little touch I can appreciate with my normally basic style. If you are looking for a basic chambray shirt with a good fit and a little character, this Bluer Chambray Shirt is a great choice! It retails for $74, but with its versatility and durability, it would be a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe for years to come.

Grab one for yourself right here!

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