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Hey everyone, Lana here, and today I am happy to introduce you to a nice casual jean for summer! In the winter, I think most of us grab for our dressier, darker skinny jeans to tuck into our tall boots…at least that’s how it is for me. I’d never really consider wearing any of those jeans to the beach or the park! With the summer months ahead, we not only prefer lighter washes to keep cooler and reflect the sun’s rays, but our casual everyday jeans are also once-again employed to tackle the summer with the laid-back attitude that it’s meant for. Today I’m bringing you a Bluer Slim Skinny High Rise in Soulmate Medium review to give you an idea of that great closet piece that will keep you feeling cool but still flatter you enough for those days you aren’t showing off your hard-earned summer figure in a bikini.

Bluer, like many denim brands out there, focuses on quality and authenticity, but hold a higher standard to good old American innovation. The company proudly produces all products in the United States, from growing the cotton in Georgia, weaving the textiles in North Carolina, designing the garments themselves in Portland, Oregon, and handcrafting the final product in Los Angeles. Now that’s dedication! Bluer also understands how difficult it can be to shop online, especially when it comes to denim, so they offer a home-try on option which allows a shopper to choose up to three pairs of jeans which are then shipped free both ways to the person’s home to try them on. The shopper can then ship the unwanted jeans back, and they are only charged for the one they keep! I think this is brilliant, and more brands should implement this idea…I know AYR does something similar! Bluer also has a “buy one, give one” program which is a great sustainable and humanitarian solution to putting your old, used jeans back into the hands of those who are in need. When you purchase a new pair, Bluer provides a return label to ship back an old pair of jeans to them, which they will give you $5 for to use on a future purchase. Then they sanitize and donate that pair to someone who needs them. Win win! Bluer currently has a goal of giving away 1,000 jeans by the end of 2014!

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Apart from being such a generous and well-meaning company, Bluer‘s promise of quality jeans and great customer service holds true. I was given the opportunity to review a pair, and without knowing which ones would be sent my way, I went with my usual size of 26. However, when I first tried them on, the legs were a nice, snug fit while the butt and waist was a wee bit too big! I sent them back for a 25, and I promptly received another pair, in about a week. Much better! Sizing down did the trick. They are mostly cotton, at 94%, with 5% polyester and 1% spandex, so they do stretch a little with wear. The smaller size was snug at first, but stretched out right. The legs are still snug without being constricting (although Bluer states they are looser than their slimmest cut, the Matchstick which is built for slimmer figures), but they hug my waist and hips better, although I think they might fit someone a little less curvy as me a little better! I really am stoked on any jean I don’t need to wear a belt with, but they almost feel like they could be rounder in the back for those with a bit more booty. There is no waist-gap though! The two-piece contoured waistband is comfortable and fits well, and the height of the rise depends on the size to ensure a great fit. At 25, these have a 8.5” front rise and a 11.5” back rise. Bluer offers two options for inseam length, and these are the “regular” length, or 32” (the other option being long, or 34”) which I like with skinnies, especially those meant for summer to show off cute shoes and let my feet breathe! As far as fabric goes, I am so used to a lot of the high-tech, more silky fabric blends I’ve been reviewing lately and almost forgot what such a high cotton content felt like (except for the Levis, which helped remind me!). The wash is pretty traditional which fits with their mission of being an Americana standard, being a nice toned down, medium blue with nice whiskering and fading, with a tiny bit of distressing along the pocket hems.

Bluer jeans have a slightly lower price point of some of the higher-end lines on the market, with the Slim Skinny High Rise in Soulmate Medium being at $124 a pair. They do have an obvious high quality, however, proving there is still something to be said for “Made In America!” They really do feel very durable. With the higher cotton blend, I feel they can breathe more in the warmer months and seeing as how well they soften up after just a few wears, they just might become one of my go-to casual jeans this summer. I’ll probably be wearing them with anything from a bikini top at our local beach bar or with a nice loose tank top while strolling downtown for a beer with friends. These are a definite classic that will stick around for a long time!

Grab a pair for yourself right here.

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