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DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner Review

DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner Review
DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner - Front View

I just cannot get tired of skinny jeans. More specifically, I just cannot get tired of DL1961. I’ve reviewed a lot of amazing skinnies here on Denimology and it really is hard to narrow them down to a favorite or two. Skinny jeans are meant to be flattering and to show off our assets, but they can be tricky, too, so I believe good stretch and shape retention technology is the most applicable with this style. Most people seem to enjoy skinny jeans in the colder months since they are easy to dress with a cozy, baggy sweater and tall boots, but I like a good skinny jean that will take me into the spring and summer too, so I can look just as good while out and about on those oh-so-nice summer nights! Today I am sharing a jean that I feel fits the bill, with a DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner review!

DL1961 launched in 2008 in New York City to answer the call of saggy jean woes shared by women everywhere, with the incorporation of a revolutionary fabric technology XFIT LYCRA®. The brand creates jeans that truly move with you, with fibers that move 360° for a sleek, effortless look without stretching and bagging out over multiple wears. The Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner uses the DLX 4-way stretch technology (as opposed to the dlpro 4-way stretch that the Florence InstaSculpt in Fairview uses as well as the Grace in Moscow jean I reviewed months ago, which is made of ProModal fibers). At 85% Cotton, 14% XFIT Stretch and 1% Elastane, this jean definitely has a thicker feel to it than the dlpro fibers did, which were more silky and thinner (and not at all in a bad way! DL1961 has a way of crafting jeans of superior durability and comfort no matter what the fiber content).

DL1961 Florence InstaSculpt Skinny Jean in Warner - Side View 2

I love the Warner wash, which is a beautifully clean, vibrant dark blue with a just-as-vibrant lighter blue fade. The alternative dlpro ProModal fabric has a way of making colors pop (as well as your eyes), but the wash in the DLX Florence in Warner here is incredibly vibrant and smooth considering it’s made of 85% cotton. I dig the fading around the hems and the contrasting gold stitching, as well as the iconic brand logo on the right back pocket and little metal tag above it on the waistband. As far as the fit, there’s really not a whole lot to say apart from what I’d expect from the brand. The Florence in Warner jean has a 9” front rise which keeps these jeans securely over my hips, although like the Grace in Moscow, my body shape could stand to have the waistband a wee bit tighter, but it definitely is not enough to need a belt or to keep pulling them up all day (I found myself hiking them back up maybe once or twice a day, not enough to be a problem, and I think it might mostly be because of how smooth these are). They are snug enough, and equally, from the top to the bottom. Many skinny jeans fit me tight in the legs and loose at the top for some reason, but not these! The 30” inseam hits right below my ankles, making these jeans work well in the summer for wearing cute heels and keeping my feet cool, and the 10” leg opening keeps them from feeling too restricting.

This is a jean that I’d wear with just about any outfit, whether I wanted to go casual or dressy. The Grace in Moscow I see as more of a dressy jean, but the Florence in Warner fits right in the middle…although, I’ve been told my idea of “casual” is nicer than I think! If you are looking for a quality, flattering skinny jean that will last you through all seasons for many, many years and add versatility to your closet, this is it. DL1961 is always a great choice, and I am always thrilled to work with them!

You can snag a pair of these great jeans right here!

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  1. Thank you for such a wonderfully well written review on these jeans- I particularly loved (and needed) the included info on how they differ in fabric and fit from other dl1961’s It helps me narrow which is best for me in terms of fit and fabric. Living 80 plus miles one way from a boutique that has higher quality denim is challenging so I always have to buy online. Your review is exactly what I needed to select the perfect fit and fabric for my newest dl’s. love the brand and excited to order these Florence!

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