Freddy WR.UP Shaping Effect Low Waist Skinny in Denim Indigo - Front View

When we think of leggings or jeggings, many of us may imagine a perfectly lithe Miranda Kerr-like supermodel rocking this sprayed-on style like it’s nobody’s business. For the majority of us, many might think of words like “tight,” “constricting,” “unflattering,” “scary” or “too stretchy”…jeggings and denim leggings are quite possibly the evil step-sister of the skinny jean, or some kind of cruel joke! I thought I’d seen them all of them out there, until I was introduced to Freddy. Have you ever heard of leggings that actually had the strength and ability to lift your assets rather than simply squeeze them in? I hadn’t either. Get ready for a treat…today I bring you a Freddy WR.UP Shaping Effect Low Waist Skinny in Denim Indigo review!

{note from the editor: these jeans are no longer available online, but you can find identical shaping jeans here and here.}

Freddy is an Italian brand that offers a wide range of garments for men, women, and kids. However, their big claim to fame is their WR.UP® technology which was introduced later last year. It is implemented in a large amount of products including two different skinny denim styles, skinnies, straights, flares, 7/8 length pants, capris or shorts, and even loungewear. The brand states, “WR.UP® Denim keeps its distinguishing touch between vintage and used-style, typical of jeans items, enriching it with the sensuality and femininity typical of the WR.UP® technology and of Jersey fabrics.” Also from the brand, “The WR.UP® technology is the result of an accurate research, certified by numerous exclusive patents, and, among others, it includes: a silicon strip inserted inside the belt to improve adherence to belt line, an ultralight silicon membrane, inserted in the hip/thigh area, for a modeling effect, an insert on the buttocks with a special anatomic and curved shape designed especially to produce a push-up effect and a special conformation of the crotch that, together with the materials and seams used, adheres perfectly to the line between the buttocks producing a further push-up effect.” Crazy! My first though that came to mind was “butt bra”…

Freddy WR.UP Shaping Effect Low Waist Skinny in Denim Indigo - Back View 2

I went with a size small with these (which coordinates to a 25/26), since they are supposed to be tight for that lifting effect. The size small also has a 29” inseam. When I first got these in, I noticed how soft the fabric was. At 80% cotton and 20% elastane, it really is more on the legging side, labeled as cotton jersey to “obtain the utmost control and stretch.” The “denim effect – dark blue” characteristics give it almost a vintagey, worn-in look with lighter areas around the seams and speckled throughout the fabric. Upon first look, they seemed so small, and they definitely have a very unique look to them! They were actually kind of tough to slip into because of all the silicone bands (the one on the waistband is directly on your skin) and the double-front button was a little hard to secure at first, but once they are on, they feel like a dream! I could sleep in these! They weren’t too tight in any way, shape or form and the silicone band on the waist didn’t tug on my skin or anything. It may look like a “butt bra” as my hubby and I put it, but it doesn’t really feel like it at all. Throughout the day, they stay put perfectly and the silicone waistband stays comfortable. To be honest, I am kind of a fitness buff, so I might not need a lot of butt-lifting per se, but I can see a difference with these compared to most standard jeans out there! I have a rounder bum and more muscle so these definitely will compliment curvier shapes, but I think because of the silicone bands, they should well accentuate more straight, slim shapes as well.

The Freddy WR.UP Shaping Effect Low Waist Skinny in Denim Indigo proved to me why I love the world of denim…you really never know what’s coming up next. With all the butt-lifting technology out there, this brand is the first I’ve seen that really took it seriously and to the next level. I am excited to see what they come up next…especially if they incorporate this technology into thicker, more denim-like fabric in the future! I’m fantasizing about everything I’ve already loved from all the brands I’ve reviewed combined with what Freddy has accomplished. As far as styling, these definitely are on the casual side, and it would be fun to see if they come out with anything more suited for a night on the town. But I think Freddy is off to a great start, and I hope to see more from them in the future.

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