Introducing: Slimbs - Made in New York

“Slim fit jeans that aren’t a pain to your manhood. Made in USA of highest quality imported denim.”

This is what the new brand SLIMBS is all about.

“Guys should feel comfortable, mentally and physically, when choosing to rock a trendier style. We are here to put to rest the social stigma that surrounds slim fit jeans by introducing a new idea of slim – the American slim fit.

We put an end to constraining pants once and for all by introducing the “Slimbs Difference”…

1) The Original American Slim Fit – Slimbs contain a blend of cotton and small amount of stretch that provides maximum comfort without compromising fit. The combination of our cut and fabric allow for the jeans to mold to your body. We have gone through countless iterations on our fit, perfecting every measurement of the jeans. Slimbs brings a fashion forward cut to the American classic fit.

2) Highest Quality Material – Japan is the denim capital of the world. Our direct relationship with our Japanese based supplier allowed us to pull from the factory’s Fall 2014 run! We import this denim to LA, and proudly design and manufacture all of our jeans in the USA.

3) Our Repair Service – You really hate it when your favorite pair of jeans rip at the crotch (we know, we did our own market surveying and research). We are offering a complimentary repair if you experience a tear in the crotch or knees.

4) Incredible Value – We’ve cut out the middle man. Dealing directly with you allows us to price our jeans at $89 (Early Bird pricing). Jeans of this quality often cost hundreds of dollars, even when mass produced overseas.”
Slimbs are available in three different styles. Each style is derived from a different indigo blue dye.”

Introducing: Slimbs - Made in New York
{Slimbs styles as shown from left to right: Downtown Dark, Studio Blue, Selvage}
Introducing: Slimbs - Made in New York

{Slimbs Selvage. Broken in relaxation after six months wear. *Important note that our selvage comes in at 11oz}

Introducing: Slimbs - Made in NY

Ever get a split in the crotch of those new designer jeans you paid way too much for? We understand your frustration, and we’re so confident in the quality of Slimbs that we’re offering a complimentary repair if you experience a tear in the crotch or knees. If you experience a tear in the crotch of your Slimbs within two years of their purchase, send them back to us and we’ll repair them. All you have to do is pay for the shipping costs.
For our repairs, we’ve partnered with Denim Therapy, an awesome group of denim repair experts, who can make damaged Slimbs like new.

Check out their Kickstarter here for more information.