Kylie Jenner in Mink Pink Daisy Dukes

Kylie Jenner in Mink Pink Daisy Dukes looks super cute as she was heading out of The Blue Table restaurant after lunch in Calabasas, Calif.

Her shortie shorts are so very right now, being high waisted and destructed. The high waist trend is really becoming very strong and popular. What with the mom jeans, and now also the mom shorts maybe (?), not to mention all the high rise skinny jeans, there are a lot of options for high and even higher waisted denim around.

I admit it might take some time to get used to this style, and also to discover what best to pair it with. After all the super low denim, we have to “rethink” all the options again. But it’s fun and gives us a good reason maybe to discover a brand new denim look for ourselves.

Here are some cool options for high rise shorts.

Kylie Jenner in Mink Pink Daisy Dukes

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