Lana del Rey in Levi's® Denim Shorts

Lana del Rey in Levi’s® Denim Shorts is not afraid to flaunt her figure for her fans.
And Lana Del Rey was at it again as she writhed around a stage in Canada while wearing a tiny pair of Levi’s® denim shorties.

The saucy singer gave her fans something to remember as she suggestively crouched to her knees while rubbing against her microphone stand during the gig in Toronto. The Video Games warbler seemed in her element as she teased her supporters in her skimpy shorts and tight-fitting blouse combo. And Lana took things up a notch when she put her back up against her microphone stand before sliding down it dirty dancing style.

This said, I have nothing to add but the fact that the Levi’s® shorts certainly can make you look as hot and sexy as you desire! 😉

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Lana del Rey in Levi's® Denim Shorts

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