Lea Michele in Frame Denim

Lea Michele in Frame Denim waves at the photographers while leaving her hotel to head to her book signing on Tuesday (May 20) in New York City. Lea was celebrating the release of her new book “Brunette Ambition” that day and in the book, she reveals that she and her Glee co-star Matthew Morrison dated before the show started.

Okay, so we are seeing lots of celebs wearing Frame jeans – public relations? Are they giving them the jeans to wear? Or do you think these celebs are actually buying their Frames?

If you find me being a bit snarky here, there are reasons: First off, I do not find the Frame jeans particularly rad or edgy or different, or so super well fitting. If I have to give them credit for something special, it’s that they do come in extra long lengths. Their denim does not really feel like denim, it is some very thin and super stretchy denim-like material that doesn’t have that rich-feeling substance of many other brands. Lea’s boyfriends here stretch out too easily and quickly and will have to be thrown in the washing machine every one or two wears.

OK. So no one’s perfect. You try something. It doesn’t quite work out. Someone gives you a little advice and you start over. But the Frame people are not at all subjecting themselves to any kind of criticism or suggestion. I have been to their press preview, and their attitude is like “we have the best, and what do YOU really know about denim anyway.” It’s rare but every once in a while I come across a brand that I just can’t recommend. 🙁

But don’t let my words influence you. Look. Everyone is different. Check out their jeans for yourself here.

Lea Michele in Frame Denim