Levi's 501 Jeans in Vintage Indigo - Front View

Hi denim fans! I’ve done so many reviews for the more technical form fitting, curve hugging, shape retention, asset flaunting jeans with cutting-edge fabric blends lately that I almost forgot about the more laid-back, relaxed, 100% cotton side of the denim world! Well, not really, but it’s nice to revisit this style from time to time, especially with summer coming up, when the looser styles are often more comfortable in the higher temperatures that make us want to kick back and relax a bit more. Now it’s time to wrap up my Levi’s® series with my fourth and final installment, a Levi’s® 501 Jeans in Vintage Indigo review!

As mentioned before in my last two Levi’s® reviews, Levi’s® is one of the few companies that has stood the test of time as a classic American denim brand lately has created many updated styles to cater to more modern tastes, while staying true to its original roots with items from their Icon Collection such as the Trucker Jacket, the well-loved 501 jeans and Western Shirts. The 501 is probably the epitome of classic Levi’s®, “the ultimate icon of American culture, the one that started it all” as the brand puts it. I constantly see requests for more from Levi’s® fans on the brand’s social media platforms! It seems that jeans made of 100% denim is pretty rare nowadays apart from raw denim from brands like G-Star RAW or Superdry…but those brands represent more high-end, dressy styles. Levi’s® to be the one of the only brands (if not the only one) that has clenched on the classic, casual pure cotton denim element of the industry through all these years, at least from my point of view! I had almost forgotten what 100% cotton denim felt like, and when I first put these 501s on, I almost thought they weren’t that soft because I’m so used to the crazy fabric blends like that of DL1961 that feel like silk on my skin! I guess I could say I’ve been spoiled…

Levi's 501 Jeans in Vintage Indigo - Side View 2

As with most of my jeans, I took my usual size of 26 in the Levi’s® 501 Jeans in Vintage Indigo. I considered requesting a 25 because I knew this was a more relaxed style, but the point of it is to be relaxed, so I thought I’d stay with the 26. I’m glad I did, because the waistband is right on with a higher rise of 9 3/8”. As I mentioned, I’m not so used to the looser, more casual styles so the fit seemed odd to me at first but I got comfortable in them pretty fast. They are straight through the legs with a tapered leg opening, but fitted enough to look and feel feminine. I thought the only part that fit me odd was the tighter back seam on me, but really I didn’t even know it until I saw the photos. The front hangs almost like a men’s jean would, with the front button-up fly being a little thick so they did seem looser in front than they were in back, but it’s probably because of my shape, being fairly athletic and thus rounder in the back! I do really like the cuffs as they are—although they can be uncuffed and aren’t sewed in, I like the look so much I’d prefer them left alone. Boyfriend-style jeans generally look better that way anyway! After the photo shoot, I wore these for the rest of the day, as they grew on me pretty fast. Super laid back! I have to remember that these are classics, and came out way before all the lifting/shaping technology came out in the denim industry and I think classics are best kept the way they are, or they wouldn’t be classics! They are a favorite for a reason.

Being a casual jean, the wash is just that. The 501s aren’t meant to be flashy by any means and have no detailing apart from the classic red Levi’s® tag on the back right pocket, the leather patch on the waistband above that and the contrast orange stitching, although they do have a nice medium and well faded, vintage looking garment rinse. With all jeans I own that are on the looser side, I always pair them with tighter, more form-fitting tops to balance out the look. They are pretty versatile In that sense…I think they’d be cute with a bikini top at the beach, with a tank top while walking downtown or with a form-fitted button up flannel with a cowboy hat on the farm. Whatever your fashion tastes, these Levi’s® 501 Jeans in Vintage Indigo is a great addition to anyone’s closet look for that casual weekend or summer look, and really, you can’t go wrong with a tried and true classic!

Grab a pair of these jeans for yourself right here!

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