Levi's Barstow Western Shirt in Stonewash

Fashion always seems to take on a cyclical pattern. Trends are “in fashion”, go “out of fashion” and then come right back into fashion once more. We can see this alive and well in some recent trends for men from “grandpa” coats and horn-rimmed glasses to facial hair. However, despite all the changes, one thing has always remained consistent, Levi’s®. Just like the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket, I have been in the market for a classic denim shirt for a few months now. When I was given the opportunity to review the Levi’s® Barstow Western Denim Shirt I had to jump at the chance. This is one of those products that showcase how Levi’s® has updated their classics as the industry evolved. Taking their classic denim shirt and updating the fit to keep up with the needs of a modern man.

When choosing a size, I first looked at the comments on the Levi’s® website. What I found was many people recommended ordering a size up for the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt. I tend to like my shirts very slim, so I chose to stick with a Medium despite the comments. Just to set the base, almost all the shirts in my closet are Medium. To be more specific here are my sizes in both European (EUR) and US/UK sizing.

EUR 39/40 chest size for shirts, EUR 50 suit jacket

US/UK 15 ½ for shirts and US/UK 40 suit jacket

Going with my standard size, I was extremely happy with the fit in the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt. I do believe that I could’ve ordered a size larger and still kept a great slim fit in the chest and arms. However, going a size larger might also mean the collar and neck would be too large and leave too much empty space when fully buttoned. I found that a few other denim shirts on the market tend to fit larger in the chest or waist yet are still categorized as “slim fit”. The Levi’s® shirt fits close enough to the body without adding any additional bulk. As a result, you can layer this look with a light sweater or by itself over a tee shirt. Any way you choose to style it, you are getting a great slim fitting and classicly styled denim shirt.

The shirt fits snuggly the entire length of the arms but still leaves room to roll up the sleeves. I can get a good two full rolls on the sleeves without any constricting feeling on my forearms. I can maintain the full range of motion with my arms rolled up buttoned at the wrist. Around the body, the fabric hugs my chest and waist but not tight enough to leave gaps in between the snap closures. Meaning that I can wear this shirt without an undershirt and not worry about showing any skin regardless of how I sit or stretch. Speaking of stretch, despite the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt having no stretch fabric, it still feels as though I can move freely in any direction. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the fit, look, feel and price of the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt.

I was able to pick up the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt in two different washes, a lighter stonewash and darker rinse. There is no difference when it comes to fit between the washes. Both are 100% cotton, no stretch as I mentioned earlier, slim fitting and made with 8 ounce denim. The only major difference I found with the washes was the “stiffness” of the fabrics. The Rinse wash has a more raw denim feel but was still very comfortable to wear. I chose to wear it without a shirt underneath and experienced no itchy discomfort throughout the day. The Stonewash wash definitely had a soft feel to the denim right off the rack. Regardless of wash, both shirts had faux pearl snaps buttons which added a great contrast and detail to the overall appearance of the shirts.

Bottom Line: If I ordered this shirt again, I would stay true to size and be very satisfied with the slimmer fit. If you are a larger guy or have a bit of a gut, then you might want to go up a size so you are not busting out anywhere. The Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt is the perfect denim shirt at an extremely affordable price. If you want to get a versatile denim shirt into your wardrobe, go with Levi’s and you will not be disappointed.

Staying with the classics, Levi’s® is still the leader with this modern slim fit denim shirt. You can pick up the Levi’s® Barstow Western Shirt here.

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Levi's Barstow Western Shirt in Rinse

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