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Levi’s® Denim Dresses

Levi’s® Denim Dresses
Levi's® Denim Dresses

We talk a lot about denim jeans…for good reason obviously, since all the different options out there in terms of different styles, cuts, washes (you name it) are limitless. Every now and then you’ll see a denim shirt or jacket, but what about the denim dress? May 28th marks the 80th anniversary of the much-loved, iconic American brand Levi’s® for women, so why not highlight the fact that the brand has gotten everything right in terms of denim, including dresses! When I first think of a denim dress, I often think of it being too heavy and warm (although it is kind of hard to think otherwise in this hot weather we’ve been getting here in California), but I love that there are several different styles of Levi’s® denim dresses. In the photo above (starting from the left), we have the Boat Neck Dress which happens to be my favorite. I loved the crackled indigo, and the style is just perfectly cute for summer! I am also more keen on fitted dresses since I’m kind of a workout-aholic, and I like to show off what I’ve worked so hard for. It also has a cute zippered back! Next in the photo is the Fitted Smock Dress, which actually looks nice and breezy for the warmer months! I think this would look nice paired with something edgy, like a black leather jacket and some black lace-up moto boots. Levi’s® calls it a great dress for summer, since it is made of midweight, breathable cotton. Lastly in the image above, is the Pleated Day Dress in Celestial, which “light and airy” and “adds a refreshing palette to your springtime wardrobe.” I love the pleats and the zip, and the color is awesome for summer.

Levi's® Made & Crafted Denim Dress

I also wanted to mention a pretty dress from the more upscale Levi’s® Made and Crafted division of the brand, which I just find adorable. This is the “Splash Dress, designed in lightweight orta denim features an exposed back metal-zipper, with binding at the neck, waist, and sleeve—tailored to graze just above the knee.” I dig it! I could see wearing this to a nice springtime or summer wedding or other formal or semi-formal event.

Of course, there are other styles of Levi’s® dresses available, but these were my favorites. Shop the entire collection right here!

Congratulations and thank you Levi’s®, for 80 loyal years to quality and classic denim!