Levi's Denim Trucker Jacket in Charlie wash

When I think of iconic brands in fashion there is really only one main brand that comes to mind, Levi’s®. Even before I knew anything about the fashion industry or premium brands, I knew that Levi’s® was on top for everything denim. Perception tends to be reality everywhere I looked I found Levi’s®. That was then and not much has changed throughout the years. Levi’s® is still on the top and many brands can trace back to Levi’s® in some way. With all this success, I would imagine it would be easy for Levi’s® to stick with the 501’s and ride off into the sunset. Thankfully, Levi’s® is not one of these brands and remains committed to providing great fits and great quality. Which brings me to my review of the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket.

There is a reason that Levi’s® in now celebrating the 100 year mark for their women’s clothing. It is because they have stayed consistent and true to the classics no matter the latest trends – remaining innovative while adding subtle improvements to iconic products or slightly modifying fits to meet the demands of consumers. Of course this commitment to excellence also holds true for the men’s line and showcased with the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket.

I was the youngest of four boys, so growing up always meant that I would get the hand-me-down clothes from my older brothers. That also meant I didn’t always have the best fitting clothes, especially when it came to jackets. My childhood memories of denim jackets was always clouded with images of the ill-fitted, worn through and battered. Over recent years, with the huge resurgence in popularity of denim jackets, it was time to cast aside my biased stance and re-enter the world of denim jackets. However, because of my childhood experience, I was extremely picky about how a denim jacket should fit, it had to be perfect.  I assure you, there is no better place to start than Levi’s®. If I created a wishlist of my perfect denim jacket, the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket would have fulfilled each and every demand.

The fit is just as perfect as I could imagine in a denim jacket. The sleeves are tight on the arms but not uncomfortable at all. In some shirts or jackets, the arms can be a bit tight making it impossible or painful to bend your arms, this is not the case with the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket. It hugs your arms just enough to showcase all the work you put in at the gym but not like you were shopping in the kids section. The length of the arms ends just at the wrist, fitting more like a shirt than a jacket. The most amazing part of the fit however comes in the body and waist. I can wear two layers of clothes underneath (including a sweater) or just a tee-shirt and there appears to be no difference in comfort or fit for the Levi’s® Trucker. I don’t look “bulky” or “bunchy”, I don’t have to constantly adjust my shirts and I definitely don’t have to confine my movements because I packed inside the jacket like a sausage. I know I might be gushing now but even the length of the Trucker Jacket seems carefully planned out. The bottom of the jacket hits just at the belt buckle or waistband of my pants creating a well proportioned look from head to toe. For sizing, I went with my normal size for shirts, jackets and sweaters – a Medium – and was very happy.

The Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket will be my new “go-to” jacket for every single season. I have paired it over a shirt and tie, under a blazer, under a wool coat or just over a plain white tee-shirt. This is the most versatile item of clothing in my closet. As you will be able to see in the photos, I reviewed two different washes, the Charlie and a Washed Black. If I was only able to chose one, I would select the Charlie without hesitation. Overall, the body of the Charlie wash tended to fit a big slimmer on the chest and waist than the Washed Black which pushed it over the edge. Also, the blue hue of the Charlie wash is perfect for transitioning from day to night, providing a great contrast when paired with darker jeans (without looking like you are trying to hard to match).  Regardless of which was you choose, each will look great over the years with the addition of a few rips and tears. Because it has a great 12 ounce non-stretch fabric, the only thing I will have to worry about over the years is still fitting into a medium. I have now cast aside my childhood visions of old worn out denim jackets and hold the flag high for Levi’s® and the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket.

Bottom Line: This one is simple, I would recommend that everyone run out and buy the Levi’s® Denim Trucker Jacket right now. Plain and simple. You can wear it with anything, anytime, anywhere. When it comes to size, just go with your normal shirt size and you will have a great fit regardless of the season.

After 141 years, Levi’s® is still surprising me and the industry.

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Levi's Denim Trucker Jacket in washed black

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  1. How tall are you? I’ve been trying to find my right size for awhile in this. Is that the slim trucker or regular?

    • Hi Derek,
      I am about 6’1″ and this is the regular fit Trucker Jacket. I would highly recommend it and I hope your find the right size.

    • Hi Derek,nI am 6’1″ tall and the Medium sits perfect just at my belt buckle. The trucker jacket in the review is the regular fit. Hope this helps and good luck.

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