Levi’s® is no doubt is one of the most iconic and beloved denim brands in the world. And it is incredible that while creating millions of our favorite jeans they don’t forget about the planet and ensure the least environmental impact through every step of the production process that originally is very water & energy consuming. Firstly Levi’s® has joined The Better Cotton Initiative that works with local farmers in India, Pakistan, Mali and Brazil teaching them to grow cotton using less water and of course using such low-water cotton in their denim. While started with using only 5% blends if this new cotton Levi’s® goal is to use a 20% ones in their products by 2015.


Then in 2012 the company teamed up with Water.org, “pioneer in delivering sustainable water and sanitation solutions around the globe”, to create the most water efficient jean production process. While usually it takes about 45 liters to distress one pair they were able to reduce this number down by 96% in finishing for select styles. This Water<less program has already saved 172 million liters of water. Today Levi’s® also offers us the Waste<less line in which each style is made of at least 20% of recycled bottles. Indeed “these jeans are made of garbage” as says the brand.

Besides minimizing natural resources intake during production process Levi’s® also encourages their customers to wear their denim responsibly. Washing your jeans less often and air drying them vs tumble drying helps to conserve millions gallons of water and energy.

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