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Levi’s® Legging Jean in Bloom Review

Levi’s® Legging Jean in Bloom Review
Levi's Legging Jean in Bloom - Front View

Hola again, Lana here with my third installment of my four Levi’s® reviews! We are all very familiar with skinny jeans, but it seems many of us still need some convincing on jean leggings. I remember when “jeggings” came out with sirens blaring, many of us hid behind our bootcuts in fear. It almost seems like the word “jegging” has faded out a bit, to be replaced by the cleaner (and maybe less intimidating) “legging jean.” So with that said, today I’m bringing you a Levi’s® Legging Jean in Bloom review!

As mentioned before in my last two Levi’s® reviews, Levi’s® is one of the few companies that has stood the test of time as a classic American denim brand lately has created many updated styles to cater to more modern tastes, while staying true to its original roots with items from their Icon Collection such as the Trucker Jacket, the well-loved 501 jeans and Western Shirts. The Levi’s® Legging is a more modern style with the emergence of super stretch technology over the last several years.

Levi's Legging Jean in Bloom - Back Angle View 2

Recently, I grabbed a pair of Levi’s® Curve ID skinny jeans at my local Levi’s® outlet in my usual size of 26, only to have them stretch out and get baggy after just a day of wear, and the 25 was way too tight to even button up at the store. When I was presented with the opportunity to review these leggings, I went with my usual size knowing that jeans with stretch often have better shape retention…and I was right! These leggings fit just snugly enough right away that they molded perfectly to my shape, and the waist isn’t super high (about 8”) but the waistband is tight enough that it kept them in place. The fabric is thin (if it was any thicker, I’d say they were more like skinny jeans than leggings) and is a blend is 35% cotton, 35% lyocell, 28% polyester and 2% elastane. Although they don’t feel quite as soft and durable as some of the denim world’s more high-end, premium counterparts, they do stretch to accommodate your shape well enough without feeling like they have too much give, but without feeling restricting. I’ve actually worn them for many days and they have not stretched out, but do seem to have gotten softer! These hit just at my ankles with a 30” inseam like a legging would, so since I’d say these are a more casual jean, they are perfect to show off a cute pedicure or sandals for summer!

The particular wash of these leggings is beautiful…it really is something special. It’s a medium, bright blue wash (that I think looks pretty juxtaposed with the classic red Levi’s® tag on the inside of the right back pocket) with lighter whiskering up at the top of the thighs and fading over the front. However, it’s the crazy, light tie-dye effect all over (more prominent below the knees and up the back of the leg because of the fading) that make these truly unique! Unfortunately these particular leggings that were sent to me are currently unavailable so the link below is to the current, similar and equally as good line that Levi’s® offers. Leggings are always pretty versatile and the wash of these keeps them so, although I’d definitely wear them more casually than dressy (athough, my version of casual has apparently been on the nicer side according to feedback I’ve gotten!). Overall, Levi’s® leggings are a great value for their price point and prove as a great choice for denim leggings that aren’t too “jegging” like!

Peruse Levi’s® current line of leggings right here!

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