Lisette Loves: Paige Callie Crop Jeans

Ladies, summer is almost upon us and we don’t want to go sweating and suffering in our super skinny stretchy jeans that have kept us warm all through the long winter months. We are ready, actually, we are “ripe” to wear some fun summer jeans, in a light wash, a looser fit and lots of shredding and bleaching, right!

When Paige sent me the Callie jeans after they had just launched them, they sent me two other styles as well and wanted to hear my verdict. Obvious, right? The Callie verdict was LOVE, LUST, heart beating faster and ….. tears of frustration…. we were still in the middle of winter, SIGH. πŸ™ I couldn’t wear them right away.

First, let me tell you about these jeans:

β€œThe Callie is a high rise boyfriend jean featuring a silhouette borrowed from the boys, but with roots firmly planted in feminine territory. This high-rise denim is everything boyfriend jeans should be. Rolled cuffs mean the pair plays well with classic heels or a ballet flat. When flawlessly worn in destruction on a light wash, this is the go-to wash for the spring/summer season.”

Now, the super cool thing about these jeans is the fact that even though they are supposedly high rise, I wear them low on my hips, super slouchy and they just look so wild. I don’t cuff them at the ankle and they are almost dragging on the floor, the picture of easy and relaxed. To achieve this look, I had up-sized one larger than my regular size.

If, at any time, I feel more like wearing them as high waisted boyfriend jeans, I will just either clip on some suspenders, or use a belt.

So tell me, what’s better than having a pair of hot jeans that you can wear in at least two totally different ways?!? Answer: One that you can wear three different ways: at the waist, held up with a fun scarf instead of a belt, or rolled up at the ankle.

Buy your “multi-use” Paige Callie jeans in the Naomi wash, as well as in a darker wash, here.

Lisette Loves: Paige Callie Crop Jeans
Lisette Loves: Paige Callie Crop Jeans



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