Neuw Denim Black Rope Denim

Typically I like to talk with a brand and develop my own interpretation of their style and values. However, with Neuw Denim, I don’t think I can present their new collection any better than they do. So I will start by using their own words to highlight the new Neuw Denim Black Rope Denim collection.

“Black Rope Denim is traditional rope dyed yarn wrapped in black wax. As punk redefined music, we have redefined traditional denim at it’s core. Black Rope denim customizes uniquely to the wearer revealing 3D layers and the distinct looks of blue and black.”

For me, this innovative step in creating denim seems to stay true to Neuw Denim’s punk inspired style. Reflected in the names of the many men’s fits, Iggy (Iggy Pop), Hell (Richard Hell), Joey (Joey Ramone) and women’s fits, Razor (The Slits) and Vintage (Patti Smith), Neuw Denim continues to showcase their unique interpretation or re imagining of the signature denim styles from the pop culture world.

Neuw is a brand rooted in tradition yet updated with modern fits and design, for that we can expect high quality manufacturing with a touch of rebellion. Nothing showcases this vision more than the new Neuw Denim Black Rope Denim collection. Check out the stocklists in your area on Neuw Denim’s website to see the new collection.


Neuw Denim Black Rope Denim

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