Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans

Paige has been a popular brand on Denimology as it seems to be a go-to brand for many celebrities and public figures. Paige has one main mission and that is to make products that people want to live in. I feel this is reflected very well in the Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans.

As I wore these jeans there was something comforting in the fit and fabric. A little slouchier in the crotch and seat, but still slim enough to be modern and clean. Although the Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans have 2% elastin, they do not fit like other skinny jeans. There is actually room in the top of the jeans so I wasn’t constantly having to adjust myself when standing up or sitting down. The fabric combination, 11 ounces plus elastin, also feels quite different. They don’t feel like denim as I would commonly find it, but soft and smooth more like a trouser.  Paige refers to the wash as “Black Overdye”. From first seeing this pair I could confirm that the name certainly matches the real life color. These jeans are black black with no shine to them at all, just a dark matte black color. Examining the make up closer, I still see the denseness of the weave, commonly found in jeans, but it is just presented in a different way. The wash shows that great matte finish with nothing “artificial looking” about it.

Compared to other black stretch jeans, I like that the standard inseam on the Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans is a bit shorter at 33”. However, I would much rather be able to choose my own inseam. Since this is a dark black pair, it would be perfect to wear for work in place of my trousers so I would desire a shorter length. WIth the longer length, this means that I have to get them tailored in order to keep a clean professional look when paired with a shirt, tie and blazer. On Paige’s website, these jeans are categorized as skinny jeans, however, I don’t know if I would classify the Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans in that way. They are very slim, but my idea of skinny jeans would fit closer to the body the entire length. So I would actually say these are more “slouchy skinny” than your traditional skinny jeans. A jean that allows you to dip a leg into the pool but not jump all the way in. Perhaps if you went a size smaller you would have the full on skinny jean fit from waist to ankle. I went with my regular size of 32 and was happy with the overall fit, even after one wash (the fit was a bit slimmer after the first wash which made me happy).

Bottom Line: The Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans work very well for the days when you don’t want to wear a suit but still need to look professional. I can also see these working with a white tee shirt and leather jacket for a night on the town. If you are of average height, you will most likely have to get the bottoms hemmed so you don’t compromise the overall style of your outfit. Overall, this is a very comfortable pair of jeans that you will forgot are jeans. Because of the stretch in the fabric, go for a size smaller to get the true skinny fit. If you want to have a slimmer than slim fit without going all the way to skinny, stay true to size and you won’t be disappointed. So grab a pair of Paige jeans and #LIVEINIT

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Paige Lennox Black Overdye jeans

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