Robin's Jean Predator jeans

Gentlemen, this is the pair of jeans that separates the men from the boys in the style game. In order to pull these off you need to be confident, secure and a little ballzy. What I am talking about are the Robin’s Jean Predator jeans. The Predator fit is one of Robin’s Jean most popular styles for men and after one look, I can understand why. I was definitely intimidated by these jeans with many questions clouding my mind, the biggest one being, “can I actually pull these off?”

Robin’s Jean has quite a diverse celebrity following with pop, hip-hop and rock-n-roll stars like Jason Derulo, 2 Chainz and Gavin Rossdale. You can find many images of these artists across Denimology along with some of the coolest lookbooks around. A brand created out of the passion and spirit of one man, each pair seems to reflect the individuality of his vision and the quality craftsmanship many strive to achieve.

I will start by stating that I love these jeans. The Robin’s Jean Predator jeans are exactly the addition you needed to instantly bring a closet to another level.  Every detail has to be exactly right for these jeans to work starting with the fit. If they are too baggy then it looks like you are about to jump into an MC Hammer video, too tight and it might look like you made a wrong turn into the women’s section. But Robin’s Jean has made no mistakes at all with the Robin’s Jean Predator jeans.  Once I slipped them on, the jeans seemed to immediately mold to every curve, hugging my legs and butt in the best way. Seemingly similar in design to the G-Star 3D concept, Robin’s Jean are constructed to form into the natural curves of your body and flow with your movements. There was not one single area that I was hoping would fit better. The fabric is extremely soft and subtle and evokes a sense of luxury that is difficult, if not impossible, to attain with other brands. Somehow, despite the soft hand on the Predator jeans, there is still a slight stiffness that made me feel confident they will hold up to a little wear-and-tear. The cargo pockets and back pockets are large but constructed in a way that they are not billowing out on the legs. Where many cargo style pants have button closures, the Robin’s Jean Predator jeans are secured in a buckle style. This ensures that anything you put in there will remain secure no matter what you are doing. Also, because of the carefully designed wash, the pockets seem to get lost in the legs of the jeans. If you look from a distance, it is hard to make out that these are cargo pants. Even the slanted position of the leg pockets helps create a strong bold silhouette.

The Black Thunder wash is executed with precision and perfection. Although the name is “Black Thunder”, the actual color resembles more of a dark forest green with shades of black mixed in. Not a full camo type print but a layered mix resembling a sky of dark clouds right before a storm. The print is loud and in-your-face but done with such delicacy that it doesn’t distract from the overall fit. Once I was over the initial reaction to the wash, I found myself in awe at all the subtle details that could easily be overlooked but are so important to making the style work. Aside from the pocket design and position, there are details like the tonal symbolic set of wings along the back waistband. You have to look closely to see that the brand’s signature wings which seem to melt into the wash barely noticeable. The length is just right allowing me to chose if I want to give one small turn-up of the cuff or keep them slightly bunched at the bottom.

Bottom Line: If you have the money and are looking to inject some life into your wardrobe, the Robin’s Jean Predator jeans in Black Thunder is a fantastic way to make a statement. The price tag may be hefty, but they are worth every cent. Stay true to size and you will have a fit that seems custom made for you. As for fitting these bad boys into your regular rotation, my recommendation is to keep it simple. Stick to the basic up top and don’t try to overdo it. Try a basic tee shirt for a more street casual look or pull out your slim fit white dress shirt layered, untucked, under a black leather jacket to up the ante. The last question to address, where can you pick up your own pair? Problem solved, head on over to ROBIN’S JEAN.

The Robin’s Jean Predator jeans is a statement piece, a conversation starter and as original a jean as you will find. A healthy marriage between flashy and high style.

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Robin's Jean Predator jeans


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