Rumer Willis in Levi's® Vintage 501 Jeans

What do Rumer Willis in Levi’s® Vintage 501 Jeans, and bright red hair have in common?

Well, as far as the Levi’s® 501 are concerned, the more faded, the better, right! But, as far as Rumer’s red mane is concerned?! Sure, all the bright hair colors that have been popping up on celebs recently are fun and quirky and many great things. But you know what they are that isn’t so great? High-maintenance. And the fact that Rumer Willis had to stop by the the Andy Lacompte Salon in L.A., presumably to touch up her bright pink-red hair color, just a week and a half after she was first caught out with it, proves it. Check out the “before and after” images here!

Now, back to the faded 501’s. I can’t remember a time when these jeans were not popular and in vogue! Depending on what fashion demands, or dictates, the 501’s are the most versatile jeans in every aspect:

Fashion says SKINNY: ok, you downsize your babies.
Fashion says BOYFRIEND: so you go and get a couple of sizes bigger than your usual size.
Fashion says: MOM’S Jeans: wear them high on your waist with a belt.

The same goes for the washes. Be it dark and raw, or totally ripped and torn and anywhere in between. You know you will find your absolute perfect 501’s.

You can purchase vintage like 501’s here if you are on a budget.
If you feel like splurging, you can find your dream 501 jeans here and here.

Rumer Willis in Levi's® Vintage 501 Jeans

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