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BLK DNM Jeans 19 Jeans Review

BLK DNM Jeans 19 Jeans Review
BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans

In almost all romantic comedies there appears to be one main issue, a person in a relationship saying “I love you” too soon. The other person doesn’t reciprocate and the rest of the time is spent crawling out of the hole that was just dug. After my last review of BLK DNM, I had a fear that I professed my love to early. What if I try another fit and hate it? What if they can’t live up to such high standards? What did I do? So when I entered into my review of the BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans, I did so with a bit of hesitation.

Let me start by saying that the BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans is the newest fit from the brand. This Spring/Summer collection is the first season the Jeans 19 fit was included and made available in just one wash, Hooper Blue. The idea behind the new fit was to create something with a more relaxed and easy-going feel while still maintaining the updated appearance for the modern fashion conscious man. I must admit, hearing about this new fit did little to calm my nerves. My mind goes to a negative place when I hear “relaxed” used to describe the fit of a jean. Did the honeymoon period between BLK DNM and I already come to an end? I had to press on and see for myself if Jeans 19 would become just another notch on my closet post or remain the holder of my fashion heart.

Now, let’s get down to it. The BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans are probably one of the best alternatives I have found so far to shelf my skinny jean obsession. The Jeans 19 jeans are the weekend wardrobe staple for the guy dressing up in suits and skinny jeans throughout the week. Please don’t fall into the same trap I did when hearing the words “relaxed” and “easy”. Don’t go to that dark place of baggy ill-fitting “dad jeans”. Instead, go to a place of comfort, style and all around luxury. The BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans have done nothing but allow me to affirm my love for BLK DNM.

I can see why the word “relaxed” is used to describe the fit, which is most relevant when compared to their other two fits (which are much slimmer overall). The rise of the Jeans 19 is a bit longer which leave a little more room around the front of the jeans. Not enough to classify them as a drop crotch style but enough to say “relaxed” or redefined relaxed. The greatest aspect is that despite the more relaxed top fit, the legs are more fitted and slimmer than I expected. Actually, I would say that they are slimmer than other brands’ slim cut jeans – which is why I think relaxed fit is deceiving. What is amazing is that these jeans had to be cut perfectly or the look just wouldn’t work. If the legs were wider it would fall into the relaxed category I so feared. If they were slimmer on the legs like normal skinny jeans than the proportions would be completely off. Everything here works. The opening at the bottom of the legs is slim enough to roll (of course) but could also work just left “as is” and allowed to bunch up slightly. SInce you can choose the inseam length, there will be as much or as little length to roll as you like. The fit below the knee is slim but not skinny, so you don’t have to feel constricted if you are not a fan of skinny jeans.

The BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans do have a significantly heavier hand which is helped by the use of just 1% spandex instead of the typical 2%. This small changes helps with Jeans 19 feeling a bit more sturdy and welcoming to daily weekend activities or chores. As you wear them, the Jeans 19 jeans will stretch out a bit around the waist and knee. which seems to transform the look to more of a slouchy slim style.

I just realized that most of this review is putting Jeans 19 into a more casual light. However, I feel that because of the precise fit, you can easily dress them up a bit for an afterwork or casual Friday at the office without looking sloppy. I chose to pair them with a blazer and tee shirt for a look that can easily go from day to night. So don’t think that you can only wear the BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans on the weekend or when frumping around town.

Bottom Line: BLK DNM stands apart once again in the world of comfort denim with the new Jeans 19 fit. I would recommend the BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans as a great alternative to your weekend style or when you want to take a break from your skinny type jeans. Does look best when styled more casually but can be paired with a tailored blazer and still work. Go a size smaller for a great comfortable fit all around. If you wanted to grab a pair for yourself, head over to one of the BLK DNM stores or check here online.

BLK DNM + Dusty = love

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BLK DNM Jeans 19 jeans

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