Closed Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants Review - Front View 2

As the denim world evolves, we see styles come and go…skinny is in, skinny is out…bootcut is in…no, bootcut is out again and now high-waisted flares are in…wait no, skinny is trying to come back in but they aren’t skinny enough so welcome to the jegging…and so on, and so on. I’ve noticed the industry get rather creative over the last several years, with styles such as printed denim, different variations of existing cuts, textured denim…you catch my drift. One style that seemed to grab the industry by the cajones was patchwork denim, coming on strong and showing it wasn’t planning on fading away anytime soon. Most patchwork denim didn’t really resonate with me all that well, since it all seemed pretty consistent and I just simply wasn’t much of a fan of the look, until Closed came along with their own rendition of the trend. With that said, today I am stoked to bring you a Closed Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants review!

Closed was born in Italy in 1978 but currently based in Germany, although most products are still made in Italy. The brand’s mission has always been to create an “effortless style” with a “harmonic mix of sportswear, denim, utility and fashion codes” across women’s, men’s, and kid’s collections. They state “Closed is a successful journey, a constant evolution.” It definitely appears so, as I am always seeing this innovative brand come up with eye-catching new styles every season, while staying simple and basic. It’s not very easy to stick to a “less-is-more” mentality while staying creative and competitive.

Closed Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants Review - Back View

You might have seen my editorial about the Closed Pedal Star Patchwork Denim Pants, so I was excited when I got the chance to write a review for Closed and this style was one of the three available in my usual size of 26. I just had to see it in person and try it for myself! I loved the striped patchwork look instead of the typical—well, patchwork look, and the three variations of denim washes are just darn cool. When I got them in the mail there were no surprises; they looked and felt just as I had guessed they would from what I saw online. I was relieved to see that the seams were not bulky at all, and the fabric was thick and durable, but stretchy with a blend of 90% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 4% Elasthane. I love how the stripes even overlap the back pockets!! These are very, very well made. When I put them on, they were perfectly tight with just the right amount of stretch which was good because they have a lower rise, and I need that give to fit right. They aren’t so tight that they slide off my butt when I squat, but they aren’t so loose that they fall off either, and they have a great contour to fit over my hips. I did find after wearing them for awhile, I had to pull them up a few times but they stayed put for the most part just fine and stayed just about as snug as they were when they arrived at my door. Also, initially I was worried that the seams would leave uncomfortable lines in my legs after hours of wearing them so I was afraid to wear them to work when I first got them, but after a day of wearing them out on the town, they didn’t get uncomfortable and they did leave slight lines in my skin, but nothing different than normal seams in tight jeans do. They are long but scrunch at the ankles just a little bit which I think was better than if they were an ankle-length or cropped skinny, because the angled stripes definitely have a flattering, lengthening effect on my legs.

These beauties are just fun, fun fun. Closed did a great job designing these, and the execution was top notch. I think they’d fit any body type, especially those that find low waisted jeans are usually the best fit. As for styling, it really is hard to wear anything with them with that much detail, since these jeans speak loudly on their own. I paired them with a simple, flowy white top the first day I wore them out, and I think they work best like that – with a neutral top, maybe some super cute heels to enhance their “pop” and clean, non-textured or non-patterned accessories. I do think they’d look sweet with some tall black boots, though! I think these are great for summer, winter, and all the seasons in between when you just want to do something a little different with your look.

You can purchase these jeans for yourself right here.

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